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  1. I noticed that too - but am not concerned. I also don't have any of my old Canadian passports and chose to turn them into the passport office when my new ones are given to me because I don't feel comfortable having them around. This information is for ALL visa types and that might be more relevant and important for someone applying for a different type of visa. It isn't on the P3 checklist, and honestly there's not really anything that an old passport will provide proof of for fiance of spousal visas except maybe proof of relationship/traveling to see your fiance. We'll be fine.
  2. It's me - I am one of those people, and you and that tracker are spot on. We applied Jan 30th 2020, NOA1 Feb 7 2020, NOA2 September 24 2020, interview was booked for August 20th (which puts us almost exactly at 11 months to the day from NOA2 to interview). Things HAVE been speeding up, because some people with NOA2 dates up to about December 2020 also got booked in the August interview batch, but they are definitely still slower than normal. It's going to be at minimum an 16-18 month process from petition submitted to visa in-hand for a good while I think.
  3. Hello! I'm finally at the stage where I've gathered my documents, received my P3, and am ready to email the consulate per their instructions. I have set up the subject line appropriately, I have my scanned DS-160 confirmation, color bio page of my passport, and the competed checklist. I'm just overthinking (as I do) and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to include something in the body of the email? I've followed the instructions specifically and I know they don't state having to send an actual message, but I'd just like to make sure and confirm!
  4. Did it resolve itself? I had this exact issue and I just kept trying it until it eventually just worked. Still I have no idea why.
  5. Do you have anywhere this is explicitly stated? I was under the impression that to import a car on a K1 was duty free, but it's been recently brought to my attention that if your car was not manufactured/assembled in the US, Canada, or Mexico, that you would be required to pay duties on it. I'm trying to figure out which policy rules the other one out (or the specifics of said policy), but now I can't even find anywhere that confirms that K1 cars can be imported without duty lol.
  6. I would front-load the petition because if you don't send ENOUGH proof then you'll get an RFE (like we did). Don't worry about slowing down the process, because they will only really check your evidence until they're satisfied there's enough. There's no chance they'll sift through like 40 pages of pictures and itineraries - but it is always better to have too much than not enough.
  7. I don't know for sure, but I think you're right and that's probably the normal generic statement. Typically it would only take a week or two for that administrative processing to happen (assign and inform you of your case number etc) but because of the COVID delays they likely just using that generic reply to indicate it IS ready but hasn't been sent (particularly considering the second sentence). If you already have your case number then as far as I'm concerned it's been administratively processed. The actual response should be more along the lines of "Chill it's done, we're just hanging on to this until it's requested by the Embassy/Consulate but we don't know when that will be" but there's not much sense putting in the work to create that auto response That's my working theory, at least lol.
  8. I'm in the same boat - we applied in February 2020 and received our NOA2 in September 2020. I don't know how you got your NOA2 in only 3 months and ours took 7?? We did get an RFE but we didn't even receive THAT until August, but we're at the same place now which is NVC limbo. We did not receive anything from the NVC indicating they got our approval, and in fact they were very late getting it from the USCIS because the USCIS misplaced it and it took a few mail cycles before it was sent. We called several times after it was outside of normal processing, and they only confirmed receipt in February and gave us our case and invoice numbers. 1. Up until this point it appears things have gone faster for you than anyone else I've seen with a beneficiary from Canada... 2. I'm confused about this also, but everywhere I've seen says we CANNOT submit the DS160 until receiving the P3, which doesn't happen until the case is sent to Montreal. (https://ca.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/07/Packet3Instructions-K1.pdf) having said that I've heard conflicting information so I'm wondering if maybe some countries embassies operate differently. 3. No real sense contacting the embassy yet, your case isn't there and has not been requested. Wait until the CEAC reports it as in transit or ready. If I learn anything more I'll be sure to let you know, but I think as long as the case status says "At NVC" it's just part 2 of watching and waiting.
  9. Okay phew, thank you! That weird range thing they created had me concerned... It's an interesting gauge they've created if the only guideline is 125% of the poverty line lol... I'll start taking what I read on RapidVisa with a hefty grain of salt.
  10. Yeah, it is why I had a bit of a concern... 125% of the federal poverty level is still well under the 38k is okay and I shouldn't overthink it (but I still will because of who I am as a person).
  11. Gotcha, that was my understanding - in that case his household would just be him.
  12. Whoops - I'm an idiot. He's living at home so I count his "household" in terms of how many people are living there so I always trip myself up there. For the visa it would only be one (plus me, the beneificiary) for how they mean "household" - correct?
  13. Apologies if there is a better forum for this to have gone under - I did a check but couldn't see anything that applied and didn't see any questions about it asked before. My fiance's income is$38k annually. I know that that is well above the required amount for a K1 visa, but for the AOS income RapidVisa's calculator indicates 43k a year is the "safe zone". In anyone's opinion, it likely that we will need a co-sponsor when it comes tome to file for my AOS? If it is I'll have to start broaching that subject with him now, as I know he is very hesitant to want to ask anyone for help with this. Thanks! Whoops - edited to add that it is just him in the household (he is living at home but provides for himself, so it would just be 1 plus me as he doesn't need to factor his family into it as he is not financially responsible for them even though he lives there?)
  14. @Greenbaum I appreciate the response. I understand it might be a while before it is sent to the Montreal embassy, but was under the impression that the case number could be assigned before then, as soon as the NVC receives the approval? I had been informed they (the NVC) hadn't even received our NOA2 from the USCIS yet. The way my year has been going I wouldn't be surprised if it spontaneously combusted en-route 😓 Your PDF has been incredibly helpful, and I've spoken to NVC employees several times using the advice there, but have been told every time that they just haven't received it. I didn't think too much of it until I saw and heard people who have applied and received NOA2 after us report that they have gotten their case numbers. I called again today and the person I spoke to confirmed that it is outside of what they've seen for processing/mailing times and they gave me an email address to contact for an inquiry -- fingers crossed they figure it out!
  15. It's been almost 2 months since we received our NOA2 -- We've contacted the NVC twice and they said they haven't received the approval notice yet and just to call back in x weeks... I understand that things are much slower moving right now, but I'm seeing that other people (Canadians like me) who received their NOA2s around (or after) we did getting their NVC case numbers assigned.. I'm just wondering if it's looked upon negatively if the beneficiary contacts the NVC? My fiance works nights and will be asleep for several hours but I'm stressing myself out and think I would feel better if I contacted them.. Edit: I'm just worried that something's been lost or misplaced since this is outside even the extended waiting times for this. Since right now something going wrong completely derails the process, and I haven't been able to travel to see my fiance for almost a year thanks to the virus, I'm a little bit beside myself thinking about the "what ifs".
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