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  1. Hi all! I am a US citizen filing I-130 online for my sibling. I have questions regarding filing the form. 1. I am naturalized citizen, but I have lost my Certificate of Naturalization. The guide on VJ says I can provide my US passport, but on I-130 there is no such option. 2. I don't remember my A number. Is it important if I am a citizen now. Can I just skip this question? 3. My mother's last name is now different from that on my and my sister's birth certificate. In fact, she changed it twice. But there is no such question in I-130. So I just have to put in her current last name which differs from the name on birth certificates. It doesn't make sence. Do I need to provide her marriage and divorce certificates in "Additional Information"? Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for replies! Does anyone know if processing is quicker online or via the center? Which center that would be?
  3. That means in about 10 years or so right? As far as I understand, the I-130 usually gets approved in about 1-2 years. Then the wait for visa number - another 10 years. Then I have to live in the US before she has her interview scheduled in Russia?
  4. My sister is over 21 married and has two children. I assumed that they getting the F4 together with her right?
  5. Hi all! I am a US citizen residing in Russia for several years now. I still have a driver’s license, credit cards, my husband has a home in the US. I want to file for my married sister (F4). I plan to return to the US with my sister. Am I eligible to file for a sibling visa F4 while residing abroad? Can my sister come to the US with a tourist visa and then as soon as she enters the country I could file I-130 as well as Adjustment of Status I-485? Can she then stay legally in the US and wait for her GC? Would it be quicker to file for my mother, then she would file for my sister once she becomes a US citizen? Do I indicate my Russian mailing address or the US one on I-130? Can my I-130 be declined because my physical address is abroad? Is the opnline application the quickest route? Thank you for your help!
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