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  1. Hello everyone! Could you please advise how it is better to bring to the US my mom and her 20-year old son (my half brother). Do I need to file for my mom and then my brother will be automatically included into the process? He will turn 21 in October 2021. Do we have enough time? How to speed up the process? Or do I file for f4 sibling visa for him (but then it is like 15 years). Or is it better to file for my mom and then once she gets her green card, she would file for him (but it is again like 15 years). Thanks a lot!
  2. I am a US citizen filing for my sister who is located in Russia. As far as I understand, it will take around a year for my I-130 to be approved, but overall around 15 years before she can go to the interview and receive her permanent resident card and actually move to the US. She has a US visitor visa that is valid two more years. Can she still travel to the US as a tourist during this time? Will she be able to receive another tourist visa and travel? She can't move to the US and wait for her status, right? Otherwise it will not be legal and she will not be able to work or receive a SS number, correct? Thanks a lot!
  3. I am a US citizen filling in I-130 online for my sister, who is located in Russia. We have same parents on our birth certificates. However they divorced later and our mom has changed her last name (when she married her second husband). So my mom's last name in FULL NAME OF PARENT 1 section doesn't match my and my sister's birth certificates. Her current last name is different from her last name on our birth certificates. Do I need to attach and translate her divorce license from our father and her marriage license with her new husband (whom she divorced as well by now)? Thank you!
  4. I am a US citizen filing I-130 online for my my sister, who is located in Russia. I have difficulty completing the section "Information about beneficiary in their native written language I-130". Does it have to be just hand written Name and Address in Russian language on a piece of paper and just scanned? Or a bill in her name? Thanks a lot! Information about beneficiary in their native written language If the beneficiary's native written language does not use Roman letters, upload a document with his or her name and foreign address in their native written language. If you have a text or word processing document you would like to submit for evidence, send us a PDF version of the file. When saving your file, select PDF as the file type to save.
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