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  1. Thankyou I always understood limited business could be carried out on an esta so I’ve just done late work however if that poses an issue then that will cease and we shall live off my savings for the time being Thankyou for your reply it’s a god aweful time for everyone Thankyou, I am sorry I just thought I had come across wrong .... that’s all (I guess that’s the Brit in me always apologising ha ha )
  2. I wasn’t being rude I have just always worked when visiting that’s all didn’t mean to offend you
  3. Sorry but I find that hard to understand as I work for a U.K. company where ever I am whether it be on a plane or say at home or in the USA I work online only
  4. What’s an i94 ? I don’t have a k1 I am visiting on am esta we where going to do a k1 next year but this virus is causing him issues financially here and he needs me here for help
  5. I cannot work for my company back in the U.K. whilst I am here ?? Everything is done online and through telephone calls ? I am paid by my UK employer into my U.K. account ..... I’m confused Thankyou so much I am just worried about a refusal and then we are stuck as we won’t be able to appeal it will we ?
  6. Hi, so I am engaged to a US CITIZEN I am from the U.K. , we where planning on going down the k1 route next year infact have pretty much got all the package together and already had a meeting with an attorney. Due to this god aweful virus going on I was due to fly out May 6th to 29th. However all the issues and schools closing down my other half is a single father and I can work remotely. So I flew out 3 days before the travel ban and staying until May 29th. So I can take care of his son to allow him to still be able to work as otherwise he would not have been able to survive financially now there has been a complete lock down in our state county and the situation is escalating we are considering just getting married and doing an AOS! I am a little concerned about this as I am aware it carries a lot of risks however this virus is going to effect him financially immensely and whilst I am here I can help with his son and take that burden away . I also work remotely and I meet half of all the bills here at the house and have done for the last 4 months to help him. We have proof of the amount of money I pay into the household etc unfprtunatkey his father had a heart attack last year which has meant he has had to park up his truck and work for his fathers business to help him this has also meant he hasn’t earned a proper wage which then brings the issue of his income and last year his own business broke evan so our only way is to have a sponsor which we can do please any advise anyone that has done this successfully or anyone that has had hurdles please get in contact ! this is a god aweful situation everyone is in and although the plan was for me to come here eventually we didn’t expect it yet however this situation is now forcing us to rush it as he cannot afford for us to be apart
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