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  1. No idea. However it does seem like they are scheduling more of K1 interview backlogs Other categories have been silent. Been DQ since January. This wait is quite frustrating. 😔
  2. You are not alone. DQ since early January but heard nothing since. I have so much anxiety now like never before. Sigh. It will be okay. It's hard but please hang in there.
  3. So I'm writing this faithfully. I'm getting my interview date this month by God's grace.
  4. This thread is awfully quiet. Doesn't help some of us who need positive posts to keep holding on.
  5. My husband filed my i-30 in my maiden name. Now, I'm reading we should have done it in my married name since I plan to change my name. Since we are not at the NVC stage yet, can I go ahead and get a new passport with my married name? Will it affect the fact that the application was filed with my maiden name? I have read it going to be harder and more expensive to change my name on arrival in the US so its better to have the green card issued in my married name. Please advise.
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