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  1. Hi, my newly wedded husband an I would like to file for the CR1 visa soon but I could need some advice first. I already asked in a few facebook groups but couldn't really find an answer to my question. So, my husband is from MN, I'm from Germany and we got married in Las Vegas (Nevada). Nevada allows you to chose a new last name in the license application or you can just leave it blank. I called the city hall (Standesamt) twice because the first officer seemed a little confused and gave me different answers when I asked to verify if we're talking about the same issue. My "problem" is, I'd like both out last names, so FirstName MaidenName HisLastName. The officer first told me it's ok to do so. But then he asked which state we got married in and then said that Nevada only allows both last names if they're hyphenated. I don't want it to be hyphenated, that't a little too fancy for my liking to be required to use it every time i gotta sign something and it seems more easy going without the hyphen. Has anyone else changes his/her last name in Germany and used the US name change law and could give me some advice ? Also, we'd like to file the i-130 petition ASAP, should I file it with my maiden name ? And at which point do I have to send them my new passport with my new last name ? My passport expires in March 2021 so I'd like to renew it with my new last name but atm all offices are closed due to the Covid-19. Kind regards and thanks in advance! Rina
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