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  1. So my wife was approved on Monday 8/30 for her green card in Guangzhou China. We were able to return with the passport as she needs it for travel since she is an Egyptian National. We were given a 221g stating we need to send the passport back for processing. Problem is they didn’t tell us how to do that. I did research on ustraveldocs and it says to take the 221g to China CItic bank and they will get it back to Guangzhou for processing. But we signed up for the delivery company EMS to return it via priority express. Will they still ship it that way or do we have to change to pickup at local China CItic bank in Beijing? The website also says she needs her original government ID to receive it, but that’s what is being shipped back. Should we fill out the form that I am picking it up and use my US passport to collect it and that she authorizes it?
  2. To get a police record you will need all of your residents permits for the entirety of your time in China. Without those, you won't be able to get one. My wife who is a foreigner and we live and work in China, she lost her passport and had to get a new one. When we got the criminal check for China, we could only get the check for the residents permits we had in her new passport. They (NVC) approved our documents and our interview is at the end of the month. That service that has been mentioned in this thread, send them your scans of all your residents permits and they will be able to get it done for you. If you don't have them, you can't get a criminal check.
  3. Hey all, So I have a question that hopefully people who did your interview in China. My wife is a Egyptian National and we have reached the interview phase. Our interview is scheduled for August 30th. My question is this, she passes the interview and hands over her passport. When will she get it back? I can't stay there until its ready, as school starts that week, and I have classes to teach.. She can't get on a flight back to Beijing without it. Will she have to stay in Guangzhou until its ready? Or will they issue a special travel document? Obviously we would prefer to interview and come home (we both have jobs) and have the passport sent to us. But maybe that might not be the case.
  4. I received an email from NVC about my documents. I live overseas with my wife and we live in China. She is an Egyptian National. My mother is my joint sponsor (my income doesn't count toward the money part) but the message says she needs to be added as a sponsor (which i added her as a joint sponsor) and upload her 864, etc. So she would become the primary sponsor or still the joint sponsor, I just need to upload an 864. I only did the 864A for her originally.
  5. She is Egyptian. We have a photo copy Of the lost passport bio page. But, as per Beijing/China rules, you must physically have all passports containing all residence permits on you in order to obtain a Police Criminal Check. They don’t track anything via your passport number, only your residence permit number. China also doesn’t have a centralized system for criminal records. It’s all local to each city and district in each city. I don’t get how it is this way but that’s what we have to work with. Getting anything in writing from them is also next to impossible. We will have to write a letter stating we have tried and that the 2013-early 2018 will be unobtainable.
  6. So we have gotten all the documents for my wife's green card. The issue is that in China where she has lived for the last 7 years, they require a passport for the criminal check but my wife lost hers in 2018 and got a new one. They will not give you a criminal check for a passport you don't have and they don't have a system where previous passports are stored. They told her that when she went today. So they can only give her a criminal check from 2018-now because she lost the her previous passport. Is this going to screw everything up?
  7. My wife and I have been in China since the whole outbreak started. They have started to allow foreigners to come back but you have to fly to Shanghai and quarantine there in a hotel for 14 days. We are hoping they mandatory quarantine goes away after the new year so if we need to fly to Egypt to get paperwork (praying the embassy here in Beijing can help us with fingerprinting/birth records etc) it won"t be as much of a hassle.
  8. Does it normally move that quickly? From everything I have read that this is unusually fast. We thought maybe 6 months until approval. We were hoping it would take longer, as with everything going on, we were hoping to not move until after January of 2022. Plus, we are not living on my wife's country of birth and it will take us time to get the documents we need from Egypt as it might involve a flight to Cairo to get some things. As of right now, China has 14 day quarantines and its a real hassle to go in and out. How long can we keep our case at the NVC level?
  9. I will try to combine them with a caption. That would be easier. The wedding photos are professionally done and those files are big, so those I may need to upload one at a time. Trips and stuff I can make one PDF. We aren't in any huge hurry so if we can get it done by the end of the week that would be fine with us.
  10. I will try to lower the resolution first, or maybe omit the conditions and what not then compress it. Hopefully that works. I am just uploading so many photos and proof. I didn't know the size limit. So I am having to rename the photos so its easy to follow. I hope they don't mind the over 100 pieces of proof. I like to be prepared.
  11. Can they accept compressed documents? Our apartment lease is way to big and am wondering if that would work. We need to prove we have been living together and we live in China and the documents aren't small. Or maybe we just send them the parts with our our names and the address?
  12. Okay. I am having a translator translate all the documents. Thanks for the help!!!!
  13. So I just talked with the company we rent through and they DO NOT have English version of the two leases we have. So for the I-130 proof of bonafide marriage, will we need to have out apartment lease officially translated? Can we translate just the parts that have our names and proof of address and possibly the monthly rent?
  14. So we have gathered all the documents and everything that we need and plan to apply tonight or tomorrow morning. I have one final question... Our apartment lease is in Chinese. Will we need to translate the whole lease? or can we just submit the pages with the address and our names on it, untranslated? Or do we need them to be officially translated? We rent through Ziroom (for those of you familiar with China) Oh, On the application can we use the Chinese character address or does that need to be translated into a western style address. Chinese addresses are quite long and on the USCIS website, we translate it to English but it's way to long and doesn't fit. We are going to include on the application the translated western style address. Hopefully that is okay.
  15. We both live and work in Beijing. But she is an Egyptian national.
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