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  1. Hi Everyone, I searched in the forums but couldn't find anything directly related to this specific question. We are at the NVC phase of the K1 process, and are trying to request an expedited interview due to my own medical conditions. My fiancée went through a period of self-harm during high school where she needed brief therapy and used cutting as a coping mechanism. She had DACA and lived in the US for most of her life, but went back to Mexico to attend college. Over the course of the 3 years that she has been there by herself, she has experienced an unstable home environment living with extended family (domestic violence, addiction, etc.), some financial issues, and then was sexually assaulted by a co-worker. She finally was able to move to a different city, but when Covid hit, the depression and anxiety really took a toll on her. She started seeing a therapist last month who started her on medications. She was feeling better, and then after about three weeks, for the first time ever, she attempted suicide, by overdosing on pills, and cutting her arm. Her therapist had provided her with a letter saying she was doing well and stable prior to this recent attempt, but with her suicide attempt being so recent, will she be inadmissible, or is there something that we can do in order to get her interview and visa approved? She is currently seeing a therapist locally, and will be continuing care in the U.S. when she returns to help with the trauma she has suffered from being away. We are now very nervous about the visa interview and medical exam. Thank you!
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