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  1. It depends on what kind of visa you are applying for and where your interview will be held. in my case as a DV Winner and my interview location is cairo i don't need this form but i was thinking about taking it with me as an extra support.
  2. While filling in form i-864 , page 4, parts 5 Sponsor's household size, item 1 and 8 box is not active. I am unable to enter the number of household. Is it ok to print the form and handwrite the number of house while all the other fields in the entire form are entered on the computer? Same issue with part 6. Sponsor's employment and income, item 1 and 2. And item 20 on page 5. Should I print the form and handwrite all the answers or is OK to type some and handwrite some?
  3. My brother who is a US citizen, petition for my mother. Wondering if I, the sister, can accompany my mother to her interview at the us embassy in Cairo ? I am not a US citizen.
  4. Hi I'm a DV Lottery Winner of this year from Egypt, i have a brother who live in the US. which form should he file to sponsor me I-864 or I-134 and where to file ?
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