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  1. we did not, we got California, and were approved in 5.5 months
  2. we submitted last week, do I need proof of domicile if I do not and have never lived aboard? I've included a work verification letter, tax transcripts + returns, w2s and paystubs for the last 6 months that have my home address on them, is that usually enough?
  3. our case was approved! 3/1/21 PD (Texas, although it said Nebraska at first, I heard that was a bug with the status check site) 3/25/21 actively being reviewed 3/28/21 reassigned to California Service Center (we were not informed, called USCIS last month and was told we have had CSC since this reassignment date) 8/18/21 actively being reviewed 8/18/21 approved, no RFE when we saw the status changed to actively being reviewed, we logged into uscis and found the approval under the documents tab, later in the day, the status check site updated to approved as well now we're waiting for an email from NVC for our case number
  4. for CR1s, the processing times are rough estimates based on all cases and may vary greatly, meaning some will take longer, many will be shorter. service centers are also assigned randomly, we for example got California and were scared of the 2+ year processing time, but just got approved in under 6 months
  5. thanks! I'm really hoping things move that quickly for us too
  6. CR1 3/1/2021 - PD (Nebraska on the status check site, Texas on NOA1), US citizen applying for husband 3/25/2021 - status update (actively being reviewed) 6/17/2021 - saw some other who applied after us get approved so we contacted USCIS via ask Emma. We were informed that our SC is California and it was never transferred, the agent pushed me to tier 2 support as my NOA1 says Texas, so an officer is supposed to call me within 14days, still waiting, but will update, fingers crossed it's not actually at CSC, since it can take up to nearly 3 years!! anyone else is this situation? NOA1 says one thing, but USCIS says something else? Anyone have California? Aside from medical, are there any other ways to get an expedite?
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