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    Cayuga, New York & San Pedro, Philippines
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    Music, Boston RedSox, Reading, enjoying the outdoors created by my Lord. Swimming, singing, playing guitar, songwriting, and most of all being with Thelma!

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    We met, we courted, we sang, we danced, we hung out, we fell in love.....what more could anyone ask for!

    12/08/2004 - Arrrive in Manila for work (Open new partner Call Center)
    12/28/2004 - Met Thelma through some friends and co-workers
    New Years Eve 04/05 - Thelma and I meet again at friends party, 1st dance!
    01/19/2005 - 1st day of the rest of our lives
    01/29/2005 - Attend future brother in laws wedding
    02/07/2005 - Leave Manila to Return to US (job ended)
    02/12/2005 - Accept offer for OPs Mgr job back in Phils with partner site I just worked on.
    02/15/2005 - Resign from Dell, Inc
    02/23/2005 - Arrive back in Manila, joyous greeting by Thelma and friends at Aquino Int'l, What a welcome party! Shuttle driver must have thought we were loco!
    02/25/2005 - We begin living together at Vivere, we are inseperable.
    03/15/2005 - Moved into our new Condo at Vivere, friends and pamilia always there :-)
    03/19/2005 - Official 1st Alone Date; dinner at Italiani's in Alabang Town Center, meet friends at Las Pinas club for dancing
    06/01/2005 - Move to family home in San Pedro, Laguna. Quiet nights at home, grocery shopping at the market, church on Saturday evenings, Kareoke with friends, weekend trips to the beach in Batangas, falling deeper and deeper in love
    06/04/2005 - Best Man at wedding of my buddy Chris and his new wife Lorna, QC. Thelma and I begin making our own wedding plans.
    10/08/2005 - Our world goes into a tailspin, company closes overseas locations and I must return to US. This is the hardest nd most emationally taxing thing I have ever faced, leaving my mahal ko, and facing what could be an unknown job situation back in the US.
    12/25/2005 - Christmas w/out Mahal ko is so very difficult
    12/25/2006 - 2nd Christmas w/out Mahal ko, we are still praying all works out
    01/07/2007 - Attorney agrees to handle our case and start proceedings for mahal ko's visa
    .....the story continues, but I have to say here, that just writing this I am getting emotional, but, it is good therapy and makes me more deterined than ever to facilitate Thelma's arrival here and the beginning of our life together always!

    Stay Tuned, Lot's More to Come!!

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