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  1. Does Question 12. on the DS-5540 apply to BEFORE or AFTER February 24, 2020? Im confused because question 12 I would think is its own question. But in question 11 it was talking about AFTER February 24, 2020 So I was wondering if they were still talking about AFTER February 24th 2020 for Question 12 or if it means ANYTIME for Question 12? Does anyone know? https://eforms.state.gov/Forms/ds5540.PDF
  2. Hello all can you help me? I submitted my and my joint sponsors documents yesterday using tax years 2018, 2017 and 2016 because to my understanding that's still the tax year until July 15 from what the IRS websites states. After July 15th should I upload a new I-864 with 2019, 2018 and 2017 tax year filled out for my joint sponsor and I? I submitted 2018 as the most recent year because I do not have 2019 Tax Transcripts as I can not access them online (due to many reasons) all I have is the 2019 Tax Return 1040 which from reading this forum eventually the NVC will just ask for 2019 transcripts in RFE anyways. Should I just go ahead and upload 2019 Tax Return with W2 and 1099 with new I-864 after July 15? Or wait till they ask for it in 4 months? I saw on the website the NVC is taking 4 months now to review NVC cases submitted. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks so much That's what I thought too but I read on here that someone said that in the instruction pds if the Joint Sponsor Filed Joint Taxes with their spouse they need to submit Transcripts with W2s and 1099s. So I checked and its what it says but im confused on if others needed w2s and 1009 for joint taxes filed and if the transcript version of w2s and 1099 will work? my joint sponsor is having a hard time finding their w2s and 1099s.
  4. Hi I have been looking through the forum alot and I see where a lot have been requested to show W2s and 1099 along with their Tax Transcripts. Will the W2s and 1099 Transcripts suffice that's offered in the Form 4506-T? Or does it have to be the original W2s and 1099? Thanks.
  5. Hi I need your advice. My husband is the (petitioner) and his Joint Sponsor is his Aunt and she filled out a I-864 and since she (the joint sponsor) is married and "filed joint taxes" with her spouse we know according to the I-864 instructions that she needs to supply W2s and 1099s along with Tax Return Transcripts. This is where its confusing, with her income ALONE she can sponsor me in her household. We read in the instructions that if the sponsor or joint sponsor uses assets or income from household members in the I-864 to help meet the income requirements then that household member must fill out a I864A. But her spouse doesn't need to put his assets or income in the aunts I-864 to meet the requirements so we figured he (the spouse of joint sponsor) didn't need to fill out a I-864A. Is this correct? So simple if the JOINT sponsor meets the income requirements for I-864 with their income ALONE and isn't using their spouse's (of joint sponsor) income or assets (who they filed joint taxes with) does that spouse of the joint sponsor need fill out a I-864a anyways?
  6. Oh is that what it means? Nope its been 10 years since then we've been out of then country since then. I was confused if only question 11 applied to on or after Feb. 24, 2020. Do you think it means if you've used it since Feb. 2020 for question 12 also? I kept going back and forth on it also. I would love to hear other's perspectives. Also I am being honest you cant be added to SNAP unless you have a SSN and I was on a different visa not a green card so I had no SSN. Thank you very much for helping and replying btw. Thank you very much for replying and the help
  7. So its possible to contact the NVC then? Do you think I should contact the NVC or just wait till the interview?
  8. So what do I say? Do I click Yes or No? Do I say "What year, and that only my U.S. Citizen Husband and Son used public benefits but are exempt from public charge"? Or something else entirely? Sorry for the questions just don't know how to word things. Thank you for the reply and the help I appreciate it.
  9. Hello, I'm needing advice. I'm filling out the DS-5540 and I'm confused on question 12. See while I was over on a different visa in the USA years ago I met and married my husband and we had our son. My husband and son who are U.S. citizens used the program SNAP back then while I did NOT. So what do I put in question 12. Because I never used or received any benefits or public programs. And because my husband and son are not immigrating with me since their U.S. citizens but they are a part of my family I'm confused. Can someone help please.
  10. This is great help I appreciate the reply very much this eased my worries greatly thank you so much. I'm curious though did you already submit everything (I-864 and financial documents and IV civil documents) when you contacted NVC?
  11. I don't know if it is? All I've submitted was my DS-260 and Civil Documents for the IV. I haven't submitted my I-864 and financial documents yet. So does this mean its at the NVC still? Thank you for your reply and helping me.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to unlock the DS-260? I've read different things on google. Some say yes and some say no its impossible and to wait till your interview to fix anything. 1. If its unlocked do you have to start everything over? Or does it save everything and it make it where you can just edit things? 2. Do you contact your embassy in the country your in? 3.And how do you contact them? Via phone or email? 4. Which services department in the embassy do you contact to unlock it? 5. How long did it take to unlock your DS-260? Whats everyone's experiences in this matter? Also how recent was your experiences if you were successful in unlocking the DS-260? Was it years ago or recent? Thank you for reading this.
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