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  1. Aloha! I just received my passport today. I paid $70-ish for expedited process 3 days ago and they sped things up in typical american fashion. I'm not gonna fill up any spreadsheet but here is the summary for fellow immigrants/americans. Application: Dec. Interview: Sep. Pass: Oct.
  2. Good news! Boston is moving. I received an email about my interview, there was no documents online, so I called USCIS to learn the date/time. A nice person on the phone told me it's mid September. Hopefully they do the oath on the same day. I cannot wait to become a citizen of this beautiful country.
  3. Thank you. I spoke with an organization supporting immigrants for citizenship applications. I will call Level 2 officer tomorrow, if February filers are getting interviews, there must be something wrong with my case. I need to figure it out.
  4. Hi All, I have good news. Fingerprints, interviews and oaths are happening in Boston. They rescheduled couple of interviews for Aug 20 and 24 for people who originally had interviews in March and April. So, it's moving, but can move faster. USCIS officers won't say anything but "wait", I heard some people sent emails to representatives. I really don't mind doing the same thing. Is this a good idea, would it work? Who are the reps for Boston?
  5. I filed in October, but it doesn't matter if things are not moving at all. We need to do something about this. What's the best way to act? Contact representatives? Call USCIS? Any suggestions?
  6. Hi, Boston filer here. I was expecting my interview in April (not scheduled), nothing changed since the lockdown. This is getting more frustrating every day. People can dine indoors, go to churches, go to gyms etc, but I cannot become citizen? It doesn't make sense. Should we start contacting representatives?
  7. Yes. I had May 2020 since March, it changed to June 2020 yesterday. Now it's gone.
  8. Hello! I'm waiting for my interview and "My estimated completion time" is May 2020 since March, estimated wait time is just "taking longer..". I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad. It can be good, if they schedule my interview on June 4th. It can be bad, if there is a system glitch and my completion time is stuck on May 2020. Thoughts?
  9. Yes. I was referring to my online account on USCIS. Here https://my.uscis.gov/account/applicant My egov account doesn't have any estimate time, just this note: We will prepare your case for officer review. If we need more information, we will notify you.
  10. It's nice to know it's not happening to one person. Hopefully, there are others and this is just a system glitch.
  11. Hi, I've filed my N400 application couple of months ago, done biometrics and now waiting for the interview. For some reason, I don't see estimated waiting time or completion time on my online account anymore. Did any of you experience the same thing? Some people wrote those times are meaningless and not accurate. But, I'm not sure what to make of this sudden disappearance. Thanks in advance
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