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  1. You can try! Our embassy is PRague, Czech Republic. email your typed expedite request to nvcexpedite@state.gov . include your case number and IV number. your personal DOB/name and your spouses DOB/Name in the email. Attach the request and send away!
  2. Hi! No i didnt. I uploaded all required documents to NVC and paid the fees first. Then i sent an expedite request to the appropriate email. I typed up the letter in a word document and sent it over. No additional documents added to the request.
  3. Husband had his interview in Prague today..........APPPPPPPRRRROOOOVVVEEEDD!!!!!!! The man at the embassy said he should have his visa in hand in 3-5 business days!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you to everyone in this chat and all the others who were so helpful and encouraging along the way!!!! I hope you all are approved/interviewed soon and reunited with your loved ones ASAP!!!
  4. It was almost immediate, we were an IOE case. Once the expedite approval came, I checked the NVC website a couple days later and it said it was at the Prague Embassy.
  5. For anyone who received expedite: What did the review of financial documents look like for you at the interview?? Since they were not DQd by NVC, i am of course nervous about this part of the interview. Our lawyer helped us fill the forms and told us what to collect as evidence, support, but I am just wondering if anyone from experience can help ease my nerves
  6. I cant find my original post in here.. but wanted to update!!!!! My husbands case was approved for expedite at the Prague embassy on July 2nd. after what felt like the longest 3 weeks of waiting, today we scheduled his interview by calling the embassy...for THIS Thursday!!!!!!!!!! My heart is overflowing with happiness, relief and honestly some disbelief that it is actually our interview time!!! 4 months apart almost to the day...what a way to celebrate that-by receiving a hope of reunion soon!!! I know how hard it is to wait and not have answers during this bizarre time for immigration and humanity as a whole...but I am still praying and here for everyone who is waiting for their turn!! It will come, and we will all virtually celebrate your victories together!!! Find strength in your relationship and each other, and find ways to communicate and bond with each other while waiting it out..it is all we can do❤️ Good luck to everyone, i will update on Thursday how it goes!!!
  7. They are scheduling interviews and they expedited it for us so they are doing that. It is just frustrating when you finally think things are moving that they stop. As we all know in this process, our timelines are not up to us
  8. We were lucky enough to get expedited to the embassy...only to find out that the 2 people who process green cards there are gone until the end of the month on vacation 😢 . feels like a kick in the you know what... we can't even schedule until those people come back to work. it is so frustrating i just want to cry about it today.. I thought we would be at least scheduled by now. Such a bummer!!!!!!!
  9. We paid fees and uploaded all the required documents, and then requested expedite at NVC. I typed a letter explaining why we were requesting expedite (COVID, forced separations bc of closed borders and emotional hardship from these things) and signed it. I emailed it to nvcexpedite@state.gov . the subject i put as our case number expedite request and then gave them my info (DOB, petitioner, Spouses DOB and name) and sent it! Then you just wait for them to answer you.
  10. hi! I heard back after 9 days that we were approved, so wait a little longer! If approved, you will email or call the embassy to see if they received your application from NVC, and schedule the appt with them.
  11. EXPEDITE APPPPPPRRRRRRRROOOVVEEDD!!!!!! Submitted expedite on 6/19 Received fantastic news on 7/2!!!! Reason for expediting: Emotional hardship and forced separation due to border closures from Covid. All our documents had been submitted when i applied for expedite. On to the next phase!!!!!!!
  12. Congratulations!! You submitted your docs right around when I did...this gives me hope!! Maybe our time is coming.. Good luck on the rest of your journey! I hope it is just as speedy as the rest of your process has been!
  13. Thank you! I am still waiting for them to tell me they received my request, i guess. Congrats on being almost done! And good luck to getting your interview soon!! I hope you hear a date soon
  14. Hi guys! After submitting the email for expedite request at NVC, how long on average until a response is sent back? All those getting approved within a month has me so hopeful!!!!! I can't wait to be reunited with my hubs. Embassy in Prague is open for interview scheduling, so hopefully we can get approved and interviewed soon!!!
  15. hi guys! i know we all have the same processing problem with AOS payment. Does anyone know how long it takes from the time they respond to the emailed inquiry (with bank statement) to when they resolve it and show it as PAID?
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