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  1. My green card is dated from the day I entered the state. So, in this case it is from when I entered also haha green card and entering the state is the same date for me. As my green card states resident since 12/15/20 Yes we were.
  2. I am not planning to apply on sept 16 directly ahahah I just wanted to make sure that what I was understanding was correct. I'll probably apply a week or two after sept 16 anyway ahaha
  3. Why are you asking about 2016 ? I entered the USA in 2020. So, 3 years would be 2023. I do not understand why you keep going back to 2016... I do not have any condition on my green card as I entered after been married for more than 2 years. My green card is good for 10 years. I am asking about the N400, not the I-751.
  4. My husband and I have been living together since august 2016 (5 years in Canada), then we have been living together since we moved back to the USA. So, we always lived together.
  5. I have been a resident since 12/15/2020. So, 12/15/2023 would mark 3 years. So, if I understand right, I would be able to apply on 09/16/2023 right ?
  6. Hi, I wanted to double check with y'all to make sure I understand clearly. I crossed the border on a IR1 (spouse of US citizen) on December 15 2020. I know that I need to wait 3 years (living in the USA) in order to apply for citizenship. I also understand that we need to send our application 90 days before our anniversary. So if I'm correct, on December 15, 2023, it would make 3 years since I crossed the border, making me eligible for applying for citizenship. So, 90 days before December 15,2023, which would be September 15, 2023, would make me eligible to send in my application ? Do I understand this correctly ? Thanks for y'all help.
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