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  1. DS 160 can be filled out anytime during your visa process. You can do this , but the applicant needs to upload picture and sign and send. The petitioner cannot sign and send for them. I would say that the DS160 isnt that long of a process, and since unknown when the embassy may open, maybe it may be better to wait for a little bit longer.
  2. Thank you for the info. Yes from the looks of it and people we talked to that I know who work for USCIS they said the travel ban for US is really affecting the K1 process in Dubin. They are not processing the visas because technically the ban prevents the applicant from traveling to US under Proclamation 9996. However I was also told that if you haven't heard from them after it is sent there to continue to check and not let it go to long without hearing, especially if you paid the MRV fee. They are rescheduling those. So may be worth looking into for your application. Just in case. Hopefully with BIDEN coming into office the ban will be lifted, I also saw an article frm NOV 26, stating trump was also thinking about lifting the ban. Especially since Vaccines are now being given.
  3. Hello everyone. So after a long wait, almost 1 year, 223 days to be exact. We finally got the letter today from NVC stating they have sent our information to the Consulate in Dublin to complete our K1 processing since being open on DEC 1 from lockdown there. I am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for Embassy there to receive the information and send the Welcome letter? Does anyone have an idea? and how long until interview is scheduled at that point as well. Thanks! And best of luck to all of you waiting !
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