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  1. Forgot to say that my state is CA. Does anyone know if CA DMV gives 5-year DL for a conditional resident?
  2. I find it a bit odd that when I renewed my DL using my two-year GC (expires 2021), the DMV gave me a five-year DL (expires 2024). Did DMV make a mistake or as long as I am a permanent resident (regardless of conditional or permanent with 10-year GC) I get a five-year DL?
  3. My conditional green card expires June 2021. Hopefully it doesn't effect my case in anyway. Good luck and the best to those who are going to be affected by this.
  4. So I was at the DMV today and found out that they DID register me to vote. I then called my county voter registration office and also the Secretary of State (CA) and both places confirmed to me that I am NOT registered. Why is this the case? My theory is that CA DMV automatically registers people to vote initially but when they check immigration status as noncitizen, they don't send that information off to the state. Maybe...
  5. I definitely know that I have NEVER voted. In terms of registering to vote, it's a different matter as it is really easy to make this mistake, especially during DMV visits. And that's why I have doubt and I am asking to make sure that I am good to go in terms of applying for N-400 in the future.
  6. Because I've heard horror stories on how LPRs have made innocent mistake of registering to vote when applying/renewing their driver's license. And so I have doubt myself as I live in CA and it is really easy to register to vote here (the past 10 minutes of searching threads on this forums are proof).
  7. I know that only USC are allowed to vote, that's why I'm checking to see that I have not broken any laws? Again my question is: does that (the fact that they have no information of me) mean that I have NEVER registered to vote?
  8. Hi all, I just went to the California Secretary of State website to check to see if I'm registered to vote. And it shows that the system has no record of me whatsoever (see attached screenshot, I input name, social and driver's license number) Does this mean that I have never registered to vote, like EVER? This is life and death question for my future as possibly a naturalized citizen.
  9. Just to make one thing clear: this is just a suspicion of mine, the DS 160 visa applications might be spotless for all I know. But because I'm a perfectionist (or at least I'm trying to be especially regarding my future here in the US), I want my immigration journey to be without as many obstacles as possible.
  10. I completely understand everything that you said here. But I guess what I'm asking is: since my green card has been approved and I've had it for almost two years now and after USCIS doing their own investigation and looking at my immigration history (during GC application/process, biometrics etc...) the chances of possible misrepresentation on my visa applications are none right? Like I said, if there were issues/misrepresentations on those forms, USCIS wouldn't have approved my GC.
  11. Hi all, I'm about to remove condition on green card. Years back, I came to the US on F-1 Visa: applied three times, first and second denied, third approved. I used a travel agency at the time because I had no clue on how to apply for such visa. And now, there's a thought in my head that there could be a small chance that they might have misrepresented me on the Visa application: the one thing I'm worried about the most is my marital status on the visa app. It was a 4-5 years ago and I don't exactly remember what the travel agency put on it. I'm afraid that they might put "married" (I was single and my full intention was going to school in the US and I did for 5 years before marrying to my citizen spouse) to show that I still had tie in my home country to prove that once my study is done, I would return. That would increase the chance of having the visa approved. Question: does USCIS review your very first immigration application (in my case the denied F1 visa) and other immigration documents before making a decision on granting one immigration benefit? I wouldn't have received my GC had they (USCIS) found any discrepancy/misrepresentation on my visa applications right? To be sure, I've submitted a G-639 form asking for those two visa applications to make my mind at peace. But in the meantime, would love you hear your thought...
  12. Great. Thank you. The parking ticket itself isn't the one that makes me worried. It's the fact that we didn't disclose it at all on I-485 form and during the interview because, again, it was so small/minor that it was in the back of our minds as we applied for GC...
  13. Are you certain? Is lying (we didn't even lie, we simply forgot) about a parking ticket enough to lose the green card?
  14. Just now I remember that I totally forgot to disclose my parking ticket (parking without permit at my school, $25 and paid) on form I-485 (approved and I've been a lawful permanent resident for a few months). Because of it, I answered "NO" to question 25, 26, 27 on that form (asking about have you ever been cited etc...) Am I in big trouble now because of it?
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