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  1. I need my fiancé to give me some of the info I don’t have I’ll do that as soon as he answer.
  2. Hey guys ! my name is alison I’m french. Started the k1 visas procédure in feb/March 2019 ok so back in February the 5th I got my interview at the us embassy for the interview. It went really well. Then a kept on checking the visas status on the website 1 : Stayed on READY until March 1st 2: changed to administrative processing on March 2nd 3: changed to REFUSED ON MARCH 9th i have sent an email thru the contact link on the website and I have been told that all cases under administrative processing are out under REFUSED by default in the system. i know that with the pandemic going on now all of us are now priorities, I’ve been waiting now 13 months and I thought that the hard part of the demand was finally done and that I could see my fiancé again. But it’s not the case like a lot of you I’m sure ! can someone have reinsuring info ? I just need something to hold on to because I’m desperate. i have met my fiancé while I was interning in the us on a J1 visa. I never had a denial visa ever in my life. I have been to the USA 4 times 2 times with an esta as a tourist and 2 times with a j1 visas. my criminal record in blank and I have payed all the fees. also my medical exam was all clear. And the interview went just fine showed picture of me him and our families the officer said : congratulation your visa had been approved wait 10 days. seriously I have never heard of anything like my situation. I’m lost and overall sad and lonely. if any of you are in the same situation please let me know. thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I'm super worried.... ok so my visa interview was february the 5th and we are february the 26 and I still haven't received my passport back, I have of course called the embassy but every people that I had on the phone told me that it was normal and that I just needed to be patient...... but when i checked my case status it said UPDATE the 11th of february which is 4 days after my interview now if I count 10 buisness days from this date i should have been getting my passport back on the 25th BUUUUUT .... the UPDATE SAYS NOW 24/02/2020 can somebody please tell me what is going on ? i have called 3 time and one today with the new update, Im starting to imagine that something is wrong and the operators that i have on the phone don't have much info, tell told me no shipping number was added to the case which ment that the passport was still there.
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