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  1. Is the VJ prediction pretty accurate?? VJ notifies me via Email.
  2. Hey guys~ Just wondering how long does NOA2 takes? We got our NOA1 this march. Thank you
  3. Hey guys~ so we just received our official receipt for k1. I’m just wondering what should be our next step would be? Should we start gathering papers for the interview? How long are we going to wait to hear again from USCIS? Thank you in advance 😊
  4. Hey guys. Anyone in the military in here? What are the papers needed for the affidavit of support who’s in the military? My fiancé is in the military and i’m pretty sure the requirements are different for him. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys. How long does it take to receive NOA1? We sent our packet last week March 11th. Thank you in advance
  6. Hey guys quick question! Is the biometric section in the 129f is for the beneficiary or petitioner? thanks!
  7. We plan on getting a house after we get married. The housing office won’t give a house unless you are married. He still have to stay there because of his contract.
  8. Hey guys! Just a little question. What can we put in the address where the beneficiary will stay in the US? My fiancé is in the military and he’s currently stationed in Fort Irwin. Is it okay if we put his address right now even if he’s staying in the barracks? Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance!
  9. He’s actually in Fort Irwin right now..
  10. Just a birth certificate and still not sure if it’s going to be applicable.
  11. Hey guys. Me and my boyfriend are currently trying to start a k1 petition but we’re kinda stuck with the question “where is your beneficiary going to stay in the united states”. He’s in the military and staying in the barracks and housing office wont give you a house until after marriage. What can we put in that question? Also, he’s born in Germany inside a military base and we’re not sure if his birth certificate will be applicable for his proof of citizenship. Thank you in advance for all your help! ☺️
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