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  1. He is threatening to find me and snap my neck, all texts and recorded messages, plus more texts about how stupid, ugly and fat I am, he said that he cheated on me with 3 different women while I was in my country and then he started saying that I should pay him if I want to keep my green card.
  2. Can he do something to me? he keeps texting me that he is going the the police to file a police report and say that I used him for immigration.
  3. AGAIN! I did not say people were laughing at me at the store! and I didn't say that I don't understand english, you are making me sound like an idiot that can't tell if my husband is serious or teasing me, maybe you don't understand english! I said that I have hard time understanding people with heavy accent like Indian or Chinese. I am very much capable of understanding english and I can also tell what is abuse and what is not.
  4. I asked a friend to use his address I hope they'll deliver it to the right place
  5. He keeps texting me that he has my SSN and he will find me, No this is not teasing.
  6. He called me sand *** and only today I learned what this means, I am from the middle east.
  7. I don't think you understood what I wrote, who is they? my husband embarrassed me in the middle of the store, he yelled "are you a moron? can't you understand what he said?" and then kept yelling at me that I am stupid while I was at the cash register trying to pay. Everyone at the store were staring at us, at me, probably feeling sorry for me.
  8. Do they send to PO boxes? How about those virtual address services? can I use one of those?
  9. I read that in NY I have to wait six months before filing a divorce No, I have a job but don't know what I will do next
  10. I don't have a permanent address, I am staying at an airbnb for one month and have no idea where I'm going to go after
  11. We got married 2 and a half years ago and I arrived in the US last month on IR1 visa. As soon as I arrived my husbands behavior changed from loving and caring to abuse and mostly mental abuse, he kept making fun of me, my accent, my clothes, calling me foreigner that without him I'd be nothing. I found a job and he started making fun of my job as well. We went to the store and he embarrassed my in front of everyone when I didn't understand what the person at the store said, he had an accent and I have hard time understanding heavy accents. Then when I asked him why he embarrassed me like that he started yelling at me and calling me names like (removed) and slime ball and said I was his property. 2 days ago I've had enough and I rented an airbnb and left in the middle of the night. Now he keeps texting me that he is going to contact immigration and report me and tell them to send me back to my country. I still don't have my GC and he said when it comes in the mail he won't give it to me. I don't know what to do.
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