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  1. Thank you very much Congrats! You are lucky that everything donethe same day
  2. Hi guys , I finally had my N-400 ( based on marriage) interview about a week ago. I am a little bit confused about my case now . On interview day, I went in and was asked about civics questions and some writing and reading. Right after that , the officer gave me n-652 that said congrats , your application has been recommended for approval (. So I thought I passed and interview ended!) but Then she asked me what documents I brought and asked me more couple questions while she was scanning documents ( it is already confusing since I expected she would have reviewed all papers and giving me n-652 in the end but it is reversed 😂). In the end she told me I will receive a notice about oath in about 3 weeks ( couldn’t hear exactly what she said because of mask but I got the key words : notice in 3 weeks and oath!) She didn’t say anything if I pass the interview .Same day , my status changed to oath will be scheduled . So I am still waiting but I am not sure if my n-400 has been approved or do I have anything else to do since the status didn’t say I pass the interview but it changed to oath will be scheduled instead and has no documentation attached on my account yet . If anyone can help , please explain this to me . Thank you so much
  3. Thank you so much for your fast reply and kindness. My heart stopped beating for few seconds because of this. Luckily I printed the letter notice out to have it on hand to prepare ahead of time while waiting for the actual letter comes and this happened. Again thanks so much and if you know anything please keep me updated .
  4. Hey guys, few days ago I received the alert from case tracker app that my interview was scheduled on March 11 and interview will be in April . I signed in my uscis account to confirm and they attached the letter notice which they supposed to mail out under document tab about my interview ( it has date, time, location). But today, when I logged in my account, everything is gone except the completion time which has been currently extended again. When I checked case status , it still says my interview was scheduled. I wonder if anyone experienced the same thing and if anyone has any clues if this is technical issue or there is a mistake about my case. I am looking forward to your replies. I feel really anxious now because of this uncertainty. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the answer . It will be nice if it is done before the estimate time
  6. Hi guys, First of all I would like to thank you for all of your information. Currently, I checked my uscis account and saw things changed. My estimate completion time is in June 2021 but my estimated wait time is 20 days from now on. The time frame is really confusing so I wonder if this is the error of the website or what it means? Has anyone experienced this? thank you
  7. I filed based on 3 years of marriage. Also, if I want to file based on 5 years of resident. which time frame will I use to calculate to know if i hit 5 years of resident (since the day I got 2 years of GC or 10 of GC ?). Thanks very much for your response
  8. Hello guys. I am new to this forum. I hope everyone is doing okay during this pandemic time. I have some questions about my case. I filed N400 in February 2020 online. However, during the waiting time for the case being processed, our marriage is not on a good term now. So I wonder by the time I get the interview for N-400, if we are going through separation stage ( not divorce officially , I am still trying to work it out), what possibly will happen to my case ? Also, when I filed N-400 online I used copy form of birth certificate to prove my husband is US citizen. I wonder if it is okay to present copy form of those paper works at the interview if required or it has to be original form ? Thank you so much .
  9. Hi guys I am new to the page. I just filed N400 online on feb 23,2020 . My question is when you are scheduled for the interview, what kind of paper work or evidences you need to bring with you or they just take whatever you uploaded while filing online ? Many thanks and waiting for your responses
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