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  1. My fiancé says it’s more important to get the passport checked In every month and to pay $20 USD (Dominican border) plus $250 Haitian money= $3 USD (Haitian border). if she applies to go to any other country they may think that she won’t follow the rules there properly. He suggest that she give her passport to a friend she trust who is going to the border or to Haiti & Also give them the money to check it in. Or if she would like she can go there herself.
  2. He’s also on a tourist visa which he has to send to Haiti every month to get certified again. Will he have to move to Haiti or only interview there?
  3. Yes we’ve met in person. I’ve been down there twice spent a total of 3 weeks there. I started the form online, but I couldn’t get past his physical address because I was unsure if I should put him under Haiti where his passport was issued or under DR where he has been living for several years.
  4. Thank you!! I was unsure because I only know about DR & Haiti from what I hear from US news (which is typically inaccurate)
  5. Thank you so much. He is there legally, I am so afraid that I will mess up the paperwork.
  6. Greetings all, I have literally never done anything remotely close to this before. My fiancé has been living in Puerto Plata, DR for 12 + years but he has a Haitian passport. Can someone please tell me if it is better for him to fill out his physical address as where he currently resides in DR, or should he go back to Haiti and take residency there? I’ve googled this question and it led me to this website, but it seems like not many people have answers as far as what to do. I just don’t want to make a mistake on the i29f form thus risking his visa being denied to enter the US. I’ve read the visa timelines, guidelines, & tips and I am so confused. I just don’t want to fill anything out wrong and be the reason he is not eligible to enter my country. Please help any and all advice is appreciated.
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