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  1. Hello guys!!! I am finally a US citizen!!! 📷📷📷📷 Here’s my Oath Ceremony Experience and in this video I would explain how long I have waited for my Oath Ceremony after the interview. Hope this helps! Wish you all the best guys!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ceMrX00dY&t=42s
  2. Hello, I explained everything on my video He got the vocabulary words from the N400 application forms.
  3. Hello guys! I passed my citizenship and the officer asked me 5 vocabulary words. I uploaded my interview experience on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Tu4x0eQmv0Q I hope it helps you for your interview preparation.
  4. Hello guys! I passed my citizenship and the officer asked me 5 vocabulary words. I uploaded my interview experience on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Tu4x0eQmv0Q I hope it helps you for your interview preparation. 
  5. The officer said he's going to email me for the invitation letter but I'm worried that I won't receive it on time. Is it possible to just go there without the invitation letter?
  6. Does anybody here going to USCIS Las Vegas on Thursday (Feb 11) for Oath Ceremony? What time is it? The officer didn't give me time.
  7. Hello guys, So I just got interviewed today for my citizenship and I passed it. The officer told me that my Oath will be next week on Thursday but he said to wait for their email as he didn't give me a time yet. I really need to get the Oath though because I live overseas as my husband works for the military, and I already rebooked my ticket and the officer knows the situation that I am not staying here in the US. My question is what if they don't email me, can I just show up in the Immigration Office on Thursday?
  8. Oh okay, thank you! The problem is I forgot the name of the officer
  9. Hello guys! So I had my interview last Wednesday, but unfortunately they have to reschedule my appointment for some reason. The officer told me to wait for their call and I got the call yesterday and the officer said that my interview will be next week, but then when I checked my USCIS profile there's no appointment letter there. If I go to the USCIS Office without the new appointment letter, will they let me in?
  10. Hello, Thank you for this incredible information, this is so helpful for me. I guess I have no choice but to travel 15 days before my interview May I know where you're going to have an interview?
  11. I sent a message to a lot of people that I saw on Facebook Page who got their interview in the same office but they didn't response is your friend going to have an interview in Vegas too?
  12. Hello, I am flying from Germany to US for my interview as we are station overseas, plan travel is 3 days before my interview date. I am just wondering if anybody knows here if the Las Vegas field office is asking about the covid restriction before you get into the building? They sent me a letter for my interview but they didn't mention about self quarantine if you travelled outside the US within 14 days. We don't have any relative / friends that lives in Vegas for us to quarantine ourselves if that's really mandatory. I am just wishing that it's not a problem to get into the building as long as I don't have any signs and symptoms of Covid or never had a contact with a person who got Covid. Please advise!
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