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  1. can anyone help, anyone see interview dates?? I have applied my fiancé visa for over a year, finally last week I got packet 4 letter to schedule interview, but every-time I check it shows finger print appointments but no interview appointment, since last night the dates on the calendar showing have been turning light blue im assuming people are booking those dates but for me its showing no appointment available, its not even showing on left bar "first available appointment" anymore, has anyone scheduled appointment for Mumbai recently, today is July 13, 2021

  2. Same here....hoping to get their mail soon so this wait can come to an end. Please keep us posted here on VJ.
  3. Congratulations Mo for visa approval. Very happy to see the progress. In our case our 15 April's cancelled interview has neither been re-scheduled by us nor they have sent an invite yet. All it says is 'No appointment are available'. We have mailed/called almost 20 times and have requested and escalated - all in vain. No help provided. This is when my husband has already done his Medicals and Bio Metric in early April. So when you say that most of cancelled appointments of April and May have been re-scheduled it is a shocker to us. Even yesterday only I got reply from consulate that they will reach out to people in order and slots are very limited. The cancellation started on 12th and ours was on 15th. How far we are to not to get invite yet :) Anyone else please share some thoughts and if you have been successful in getting invited / rescheduling by yourself. I remember someone started Whatsapp group also recently - Was there any success mantra found to get appointments? Are Telegram people doing something special that we are missing? Sorry but I may have sound feeling frustrated :)
  4. You should regularly visit this page to get details -
  5. Oh that is so wonderful. Thank you so much. So did you book it or waiting for Covid to cool down? I wish my hubby's system unlocking happen soon so he can login and book an appointment. Anyone else want to share their system experience please?
  6. All, Is there anyone in this group who has reached the "Schedule Consular Appointment" page which shows a calendar / dates of appointment availability? Am talking of first time IV visa interviewers only. If anyone has seen it, please let us know what are the earliest dates available. The reason is if it is not in few days, we should leave Mumbai where we are stuck in Covid.
  7. Tried few times today and got kicked out for 72 hours now...what a system.
  8. We tried many ways for Yes/No funny questions but got the same status - "Schedule Consular Appointment Applicants for U.S. visas are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Please schedule an appointment for an interview. There are currently no appointments available." Have sent them mail 2 days back, they came back after 48 hours to ask me the about the mail from MumbaiIV which I have already attached to them initially. Looks like they did it to just maintain the SLA of 48 hours for a reply. Waiting again for their reply by tomorrow. @mo93 Any brainstorming done by the mini group formed over Whatsapp? Please share some insights to all. Thanks.
  9. The helpdesk should unlock you after sometime. Do not overuse the site on the appointment page, it is programmed to lock the users if they over use it. When you get back in, only login after 6 hours daily to find slot for interview. For us, since my hubby's biometric is already over, the system has no option to book a consulate appointment. We sent an email to the support team to fix the system. Phone support team was kind enough to acknowledge the issue and they have guided us to show patience for 24-48 hours for the email reply from consulate . We all are near the end of this long long journey.
  10. My husband went to Rele Clinic in Mumbai. It is really a small clinic, no idea how they select panel hospitals as there are mega hospitals and clinics across India and only 5-6 are on the US visa panel. Anyways, my husband made it a point that he is afraid of covid so will like to do things fast if possible. The staff was really helpful in all perspective. Blood, Urine, Visual, X ray tests were done. Then came physical examination in which he was examined without clothes (only shorts to stay) as if they were looking for something special on his body like aliens. LoL. Since he was not carrying any history of vaccines, 4 vaccines shots were granted to him:). Around 23K of total charges. After a day the vaccines brought irritation, sore arm and little fever to him which lasted like 24 hours or so. He is quite well build though, just to say. Took Paracetamol. Clinic has given the payment receipts immediately and on email they sent the information sheet (PDF) about the test. We need to carry these proofs to the consulate (for interview). Let me know if anything else you need.
  11. So we came to Mumbai for Medicals, BioMetric and Visa Interview and got stuck in the Covid. Luckily, our Medical and BioMetric were not effected as most of the offices are open in Mumbai. Consulate has cancelled 'most' of the interviews after 12 April to May end. At his BioMetric my hubby met a guy whose interview was on 15th Apr and it was NOT impacted - reason ? He was qualified as 'emergency'. He was an F1 student and has 60 days limit to reach US to continue his course. An F1 can be considered an emergency but not us came as a setback to us. Nevertheless, I visited the Consulate on my scheduled (but cancelled) appointment and requested to allow for an interview. It was futile and I will not suggest anyone as the guys who are at gates are tasked to dis-allow anyone whose name is not in the printed list they carry each morning. We are at the last step now so the emotions are mixed up. We have earlier faced almost an year of forced separation and can still survive the 1-2 months of further delay. Am lucky to be with him now here in India and he is lucky to work from home for a good IT company. Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. We are utilizing this time to spend good time for family/relatives, plan for future and re-skill for the upcoming time so to have better and stable jobs in future. Wish all of you a healthy time and to remain hopeful and smiling. Good time will come. Apna Time Aayega.
  12. Many thanks lobsang 521. Your help is appreciated. a) Biometric - There is only this link in IL https://nvc.state.gov/prep. This has no info on BioMetric. d) Thanks. There is a small difference between Cr1 and IR1. The IR1 visa is very similar to the CR1 visa with the primary difference being that an IR1 visa recipient will be given unconditional permanent resident status and be able to work immediately when they arrive in the U.S. (source https://www.marriagevisaservices.com/marriage-visas.html )
  13. Same thing here. Wish someone who recently cleared the interview in Mumbai can help us know steps / experience of - a) Booking BioMetrics b) Medical / Vaccination experience at ReleClinic c) Post interview how many days to get the passport back with d) Can someone work in USA immediately after reaching or need to wait for GC printed and delivered.
  14. Yahoooooo!!! We got the IL as others got in last few hours Congrats to all other too... 15 April !! Tried applying for biometric and saw "No appointments available at all cities in India". Now what?
  15. This is a very noble work and highly appreciated. Similarly keeping timelines on VJ itself helps a lot of people. Unfortunately telegram link is not accessible from India for many. Can someone please post last few rows of the IL dates so we can get info about Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep DQs count with IL dates in coming March. Many thanks in advance.
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