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  1. fake? that is so strange! can't imagine why you'd want to fake that...
  2. I'm definitely hoping for 7 months tops, though I've seen some January applications getting approved recently... I'm past six months now and it's getting a bit stressful, but I mean, what's one more month at this point
  3. I didn't scan my passport, I took photos of them, so basically the same thing. I actually took photos of letters we sent each other (it's gross and mushy but I guess it shows that we sent each other stuff/in a relationship) Messages wise, I mostly took screenshots of us planning our meetup, talking about marriage, that kind of thing. Some people also say it's not necessary to put TOO much proof, as it could seem like you're overcompensating.. but I think that could be a bit tricky to navigate. Good luck though!!!
  4. Like you, I also threw away my ticket stubs for my flight... but I used my e-ticket and passport stamps to show I traveled. I also attached invoices of restaurants we went to. I don't think you would have to attach too many. I would recommend attaching phone call logs, messages between you guys (preferably with time stamps if possible), photos of you guys together, or letters and packages you may have sent each other. I also added a couple social media posts. Hope this helps a bit!
  5. yeah, I'm very curious about this too! I've been checking new NOA2s and mostly have been February ones.
  6. thanks for the info! I check that often too. I just feel that by updating here, there would be more opportunities to connect and ask/answer questions.
  7. Hello everyone! im sure many if not most of us are doing some form of waiting with the whole K1 process. not to be naggy or anything but I just wanted to kindly ask if any of you have any new updates, whether it’s interviews, NOAs, RFEs... please remember to update that into your timeline! Although it doesn’t make things go faster, it could at least help give the rest of us a better of idea of what’s going on and the general timeline. thank you very much!
  8. okay I'll just make a copy, i was just wondering if they cared if it was an original copy or just a normal copy! thanks!
  9. So just making an extra copy and bringing it to the interview would be okay? Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, so when we sent off our package back in March, my boyfriend forgot to make copies prior to sending. I understand once I go in for the interview I'll need to bring all my documents. Would it be a problem if I just printed everything out again and used those, instead of the original copies? Thanks.
  11. Thank you! i only had one of them and I decided to download the others too and see how they differ. My NOA1 was March 10... my VJ timeline tells me I should hear back between the 13th and 20th. Seriously counting on this.
  12. I’m fairly certain a couple whose NOA1 date was early March received their NOA2 around the end of August. But that’s all.
  13. Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding this process and I'd like to know if this scenario would work. I understand that traveling to the US with the intention of getting married can be considered fraud and all that, but what if I honestly just wanted to marry my SO (in the US), return to my home country, and apply for CR1 from there? Would that work? Also, how do you find out what documents you might need in case of courthouse marriages? Thank you.
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