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  1. Noting so far for India. all other countries started working on all type of visas in India. Only US Embassy's are the special
  2. All Immigration Visas as now processes and interviewed in Mumbai now. And they are open for certain emergency cases. Nobody know what comes in their "Emergency" but so far no processing or no accurate information from them.
  3. No Updates on K1 yet. Hopefully we will start getting email for the cancelled interviews in March onwards.
  4. I Sent email to Mumbai consulate, they didnot said anything about resuming the K1 yet. Only student visas and some critical pending 221G are started so far.
  5. My K1- NOA2 was on 26th December. NVC process completed in March, and when i scheduled my interview, covid-19 happen and since then everything is closed. so doesnt matter if you get NOA2 you still be waiting for embassy to be open. Good luck All
  6. Well, I also supposed to have my Visa interview on 20th March but they closed on 16th march. I didn't even get through with the interview. There is nothing can be done at this point rather then wait for the things get normal. First priority is to be safe wherever you are.
  7. Interview didnot happen as embassey got closed in 16th march.
  8. Sorry, I didnot gone through the interview. It was scheduled for 20th, but consulate got closed on 16th march.
  9. Hi, I had a final interview at Mumbai consulate on 20th March, however due to covid 19 consulates are closed. I now that approved i129F is valid for 4 months from the date of approval. mine will expire on 26th April. how can i proceed with the process now?
  10. Hi, I don't think its nassasary but good to carry along with other documents if original is not available then a scan copy will work. NOA2 will be mandatory while filing for AOS.
  11. I have received email from NVC mentioning NVC case number for my K1 visa on 4th Feb'20. Now my case is showing "ready" on CEAC website. Should i get the letter three/four? how much time it will take? it was sent to Mumbai in India.
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