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  1. yes!! You are right! We will now file our AOS packet because we waited for the approval of our I-30 pettitok. Makes sense now. Thank you so much Yes! Thank you! Our nxt step is the AOS now.
  2. Hello! I am super thrilled knowing that we are approved!! The next step is submitting other documents and visa interview. The only problem I have right now is, I found out that my Interview Location is in Manila, PH. Where in fact I am currently residing with my husband here in the US. I am asked to to submit the DS-260 and pay other fees. No problem with that but we want to make sure first that we are in the right process. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME HOW/WHO TO CONTACT or HOW CHANGE THE LOCATION OF MY INTERVIEW LOCATION to USA not Manila, PH? Thank you so much!!
  3. Hi guys! I wonder what your thoughts are? I am a little bit worried about the possible suspension of Legal immigration. In my case right now, I am waiting for my visa and currently residing in the US. Gonna be a year now this Oct since we file. With this pandemic going on, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get one anymore... I just don’t get the thought of suspending/cutting off and/or not giving migrants a visa to live and work in the US (for a time frame, if Im not mistaken) plus saying that we are competing with the Americans when it comes to Jobs... makes me shiver right now. I understand where Democrats/Trump is coming from but we are hard working and honestly, some of them are not and sometimes we get to the point where we do mostly of the dirty job and some too are skilled professionals so it is really worth it letting them in esp most #Realtalk Feel bad for my husband because I will not be able to help him financially and I’ll probably be a real- full time house wife. WHAT CAN BE OUR BEST MOVE RIGHT NOW? ARE WE STILL GONNA BE PERMITTED TO STAY (IF THEY PURSUE THE BANNING OF GIVING VISA)? WHAT WILL BE OUR STATUS?
  4. Omg! I think I miss that part. I’ll look into it again. Thank you so much! I think my question and my worry is now resolved.
  5. Good eyes! I think we can do that. Just explain it to the cover letter and attach the Receipt/letter that you got from the USCIS when you submit your forms.
  6. But I am still not sure if we can file it, I did several research and it says that we need to wait for the approval of I30 before submitting the AOS. Im still waiting for others to say that it is okay and I hope somebody out there would give us a light.
  7. Hmm, I didn’t know that you can file online. Anywy ours is, we sent it to a lock box. It means to say that you got your receipt already. As long as it says there that it is a “Notice type: receipt” on the Upper left of the letter.
  8. What kind of Notice did you get? After filing your I30, within a span of 2 or 3 weeksyou should get a receipt. That’s your first NOA. Yes, you need to wait for the first NOA.
  9. Hi! We already submitted our I30 and I30a and we only have the first NOA: receipt. so, Is it possible to submit my AOS packet even though our I-30 isn’t approved yet? Do you guys think they’ll accept it since I am already in the US. Ps. We did not do the so called concurrent filing since we thought the I30 should go first. It was just now that we learned we can file them together since I am already here in the US
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