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  1. I requested a SSN through the I-765, the actual only reason I applied for employment authorization as the social security offices were closed due to covid so I couldn't get a SSN while my visa was valid. USCIS just ended up cancelling my I-765, I found out via case status updates after they issued my green card a year later. It was really annoying. 😒
  2. I have my recently issued 2-year green card and I'm planning to go through the process to get a court order to legally change my full name soon. To my knowledge, USCIS must be notified immediately of the name change once it is issued. Does this mean that I am required to file a I-90 and then wait for it to be processed on top of paying a $455.00 fee? Is the I-90 actually necessary? Should I expect to be penalized in any way if I choose not to file it? Can I choose to simply notify USCIS by a phone call or something instead? I've heard about others not filing the I-90 and simply having their name updated during their following interview for the 10-year green card renewal. I wouldn't mind having an outdated name on my green card until then if it means avoiding a $455 fee, so long as I don't get penalized for doing so. Thanks!
  3. I just brought two recent pay stubs as evidence of continued employment for my AOS interview last week. If you want to be more thorough you could also bring a copy of your 2020 W-2 with you.
  4. Thanks! Ours was in the field office in St. Louis, MO as well. 😁
  5. I just had my AOS interview and got approved today 😀 It's such a relief to finally have it done with. Our interviewer barely asked for any of the supporting documents that I had brought with me and it felt very casual for most of the interview.
  6. Hey, My spouse can't seem to find their original SSN for our AOS/Green Card interview. To clarify they are the citizen and I am the one immigrating. Is this going to be an issue?
  7. Yeah, not in the state of Missouri. Here we like to have all of our offices permanently closed due to Covid as well as all of our phone numbers directed to the same support line.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty SOL out of being able to do anything in person at my local social security offices. They've been closed since Covid started last year which is why I had to file for a I-765 to get one as my visa expired during the process. Of course I tried calling them over and over but I kept getting the same person who talks to me annoyingly on speaker phone the entire time and refused to help at all. More likely we'll have to apply for an extension on our taxes and I'll need to mail out my passport or something to get an ITIN for filing because of how garbage our local social security offices are.
  9. I had my biometrics appointment a few weeks back and I just got my interview notice in the mail today 😃. Progress!! I'm concerned about when exactly I'll be receiving my SSN in the mail. I had filed my I-765 with my I-485 in June 2020. My spouse and I are going to have to file joint taxes soon and I'm starting to worry that we won't receive it in time. 😕
  10. Ok so my process would be something like this? Get SSN Get State Drivers License --- Change name w/ court order process Update Drivers License / Notify USCIS of name change (If I intend on traveling) Go to Embassy, apply for a new foreign passport with new name supplying court order/updated drivers license as proof --- Undergo plastic surgery significantly altering appearance and get a letter from my surgeon Update Drivers License / Notify USCIS (If I intend on traveling) Go to Embassy, apply for a new foreign passport with new photo with a letter from my surgeon as proof --- Change gender meeting whatever criteria such as therapist letters/gender reassignment surgery for the court order process Update Drivers License / Notify USCIS of gender change (If I intend on traveling) Go to Embassy, apply for a new foreign passport with new name supplying court order/updated drivers license as proof --- Then apply for my US passport as the correct gender when I qualify for it.
  11. This was actually why I was asking. What's different with the process for changing your gender as well?
  12. Hi, I was wondering what will happen if I get plastic surgery and significantly change my appearance while I have a green card or am awaiting an interview for one. What kind of process is there? Would I just get a letter from my surgeon to reaffirm my identity? How would I go about updating the photo on my green card, and would it be necessary? Would I be required to update my foreign passport photo first as a prerequisite by going to an embassy? Thanks
  13. Got RFE'd already in just two weeks lol. Now we have to resubmit the I-864. They gave us 87 days to submit it.
  14. So I've filled my I-485 within a year of my foreign medical exam for my K-1 visa, so I don't have to get a second medical examination done. What happens if my I-485 gets declined and I have to re-file it outside of the window? What happens if I get RFE'd outside of the window? Do either events cause me to need a new medical exam? Thank you.
  15. We recently filed our I-485 AOS package and got our I-797C/NOAs in the mail. Right now on the USCIS website our case status is just listed as "Case was Received" I was wondering if we're in the clear now or if there's a certain time window where we could be declined or RFE'd. Is it normal to get I-797C/NOAs if your case gets declined or RFE'd? How long should we expect USCIS to take for fully processing our package or update our case status on their website? (speaking prior to the 9 month or longer wait for the interview/biometrics, ofc.) Thanks! ☺️
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