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  1. It isn't an RFE. Just sending in to correct something we made a mistake on. Thanks
  2. Thanks. And sorry to keep bothering you. But, what should I put on the envelope? Just the address and put supplement on there?
  3. I already sent the photographs with the original submission. The only thing I forgot was the Other Names Used. My question is do i need to send in the photos again with this page 4? Also what should I write on the envelope
  4. For this, do I have to send in the passport style photo for just my beneficiary? Or should I send one of myself as well. Also do I need to resend the letter of intents? Should I also send in just page 4 of the form which will be updated? Thanks.
  5. So, I got the birth certificate and the adoption decree came with it, but there's a problem... The adoption decree has a typo!!! Instead of saying "Marina" it says "Mariana" I'm really scared and I don't know what I should do because I wouldn't want to have any problems with my application because of this error 😭🧐🥶
  6. The P3 instructions packet says it needs to be certified, yes. But I've seen people translate it themselves. I'm going to use an official translator just in case. Here's the full PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vj0c-p44f1JssOKqM8k2ZGBZon5nNT_3/view
  7. Hello everyone! I've barely started this process but I'd like to get ready beforehand. I'm adopted, and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to get the adoption decree. Also, regarding the "Acta de Nacimiento", I've only found the option to get a "Partida de Nacimiento". I'm not sure if the "Partida" is the same as "Acta" or as "Certificate". I requested it online through the goverment website. Also, my mother lost my vaccination calendar, so I'm wondering what I should do about that. Thank you in advance, and good luck to all applicants!
  8. We sent in our app on the 15th. Post office tracking says it was delivered on the 19th. 😌
  9. So if the I-129F has already been submitted without this information, is there anything we can do? Or do we just have to wait for an RFE?
  10. We filed for K1 visa yesterday, and I think there's a problem with our application. I'm adopted - Was born under a name, adopted at only 20 days old, and my name was legally changed through something called "full adoption" here in Argentina. The problem is that I'm not sure how we're supposed to go about it to begin with, but my fiance didn't put my birth name on my application, and that's because here in Argentina they change your birth certificate so it reflects the name adoptive parents give their children as though it's their birth name - I got mine when I was about six years old. I'm reading that apparently a birth certificate and a birth act are two different things here in Argentina, and that a birth certificate won't be enough. Am I going to have to provide both the birth act (that I have actually never had) and the papers explaining the name change? Is our application ruined from this? ETA: I wasn't sure because if I go to request my birth certificate, it shows my name as it is now. Thanks in advance, Marina
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