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  1. Great! I hope we can finally get an interview schedule. Praying, keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best! Keep me posted.
  2. I'm also planning to do the same, what requirements did you attach in the email to have it expedited?
  3. Hi, I'm also still waiting for the interview schedule. Ive been DQ'd since June 2020 and my PD is March 2009. I hope we can finally get some good news soon.
  4. Hi, No interview schedule yet, still the same email, to wait for 60 more days. How about you?
  5. Hi, Thank you so much for these, I appreciate the time and effort. At least it will give me and the others an idea what we can do on our end. Have a Happy Holiday!
  6. Hi, Would it be possible if you can give us the emails of those you have requested to have your interview schedule expedited? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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