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  1. Yes I am following the news and the embassy too. We all have to be strong it's a tough time. Yes I have to do the timeline, thank you really.
  2. Oh wow. That's too long lol. What's the difference then Oh wow. That's too long lol. What's the difference then. Amen you too. Thank you so much
  3. Thank you! I know they are tough but it is an important request. I just thought that it might hurt my case
  4. Hello guys I have a question, can i ask my case to be expedited if I have a medical issue? How would the moroccan embassy see that? If refused, would that be a detriment to my case? Thanks in advance.
  5. Maybe it is about stopping citizens and lpr from entering the USA. That proclamation that Trump is trying to sign.
  6. Hello, Do they still send mails or they changed to e-mails.
  7. Thanks for your kind words. Of course they said they are working on Feb cases as usual..
  8. That's really great. Happy for you! I feel depressed, I have never felt like this in my life, first submission was on January then rfe march, June now and nothing. Every week passes by and still nothing.
  9. My husband is a citizen and they didn't review our case. Last submission was March 26th. Is this normal?
  10. Current case review time: As of 8-JUN-2020, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 20-FEB-2020
  11. I think they only review cases of citizen spouses at this point but they are on hold for lpr. I am also waiting. Can't believe I'm still waiting till now. Am I right? I just think that they didn't move from Feb 14th Bec of the lpr cases
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