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  1. Faxing is the most common way. But I've seen people mailing the evidence and it seems to work as well. You can also try that. But the best move may be just to try to fax it again and again until it gets accepted.
  2. My I-131 status did change to "case was approved" after the EAD expedite was approved. Maybe give it an extra few days? If you filed 131 and 765 together, you should be able to get a combo card. Otherwise since the AP is just an extra line of words on the EAD card.
  3. Great news! It’s so odd that most people including me receive email but you get the mail lol
  4. The EAD card I received says "serves as I-512 advance parole". So mine is a combo card. Yea your SSN should arrive next week.
  5. From what I've seen in the forum lately, USCIS sent out both EAD and SSN. I saw some people saying they received SSN after one week of receiving EAD.
  6. Yes. I did the biometrics one week before the field offices closed. Normally you need to complete the biometrics before making the expedite request. But given the COVID-19 situation, I am not sure whether it's still true.
  7. Yes. I had a job offer and used it to make an expedite request.
  8. I filed in Feb (PD: Feb 6th) and I got the EAD yesterday. But I did the expedite request. There is no way you can get EAD without expediting it because as for today the receipt date for I-765 is Sep 08, 2019.
  9. You can just call the number and tell the customer service rep that you haven't received the email asking for evidence for five days. And you want to get transferred to a tier 2 offer to ask whether there's anything wrong with it. That's how I did it in the past.
  10. Have you received the email asking you to fax proof? The completed status (the three messages) is just general update letting you know that USCIS has opened an expedite request. You need to fax the proof of evidence to them and then they can actually start to review your case to decide whether to approve or deny your expedite request.
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