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  1. Hi, contratulations on your visa!

    My name is shristi and i am married to a USC. I have some questions which i hope you dont mind answering. We just got an email from NVC saying our interview was scheduled for aug 2 whihc is less than 2 weeks from today. 

    Do we need to pay for visa by creating a profile in cgifederal?? 

    what is it like to have medical examination done? if I dont have vaccine records, do they arrange them for me?? 

    Regarding IRS certificate and tax return of sponsor, is it required to submit last three years or most recent one?


    I am so overwhelmed with the email from NVC today. I hope you dont mind me asking so many questions.

  2. Its my assumption you do not need notary to stamp translation
  3. Our case was approved and i wanted to share what we sent in just in case any new filers are uncertain they have enough: -4 pages of scanned 4x6's from various trips, the wedding, honeymoon -Notice of adding spouse as life insurance beneficiary -marriage certificate (native/translated versions and certificate of a local notary) one thing we were uncertain about is for petitioners proof they ask for birth certificate or passport. i only submitted first two pages of my passport, when many FAQs said to send entire scanned passport
  4. I just called @1-603-334-0700 and an automated response gave me no way to wait for a representative, it only said to try to call back later and ended the call. Is that normal?
  5. hello, no noa2 yet but I was told based on our priority date approval time varies. PD is 04-29-20, I looked at the visa bulletin but I am having terrible making heads or tails with what it means. should I take additional action? see attached, thank you for reading
  6. I have been told our case is processing through Potomac but in screenshot provided status update mentions "E-filed case processing section location". Is this a standard message or does this mean we are not in Potomac? Thank you for reading.
  7. April 2020 filer here, the Mrs. is having a terrible time with the wait. It's appalling that Potomac is permitted to let people wait this long, I just read about a case through Nebraska that took 6 months between NOA1 and 2! Our normal window is until May-ish, at that point I'm reaching out to my state representatives and USCIS to look into any formal way to check where we are in the queue.
  8. we need some more good news in this thread. i submitted April 24th and Potomac also processing our i130, this gives me hope
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