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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone have a link to an active K1 Lagos embassy whatsapp group? Also has anyone seen any movement at the embassy lately. I’m literally next in line and haven’t seen any VJ timelines have any updates lately. I am worried that the new Russia vs Ukraine drama will effect the embassies. They’ve used Covid as an excuse for 2 years now. Don’t need them to use this too 😢
  2. This is what I am not understanding. How can they be processing only 1 case per day when they clearly have an immense backlog. That is just crazy to me smh. Especially seeing as how they only ask you 2 to 4 questions. Smh. Extremely frustrating.
  3. Thank you but correct me if I am wrong. What’s happening in the States does not effect the embassy all the way in Nigeria does it?
  4. Hey guys, I haven’t been seeing new dates for interviews at the US embassy in Nigeria. Anyone know what’s going on? We were making a lot of progress! 😭
  5. I am a K1. My apologies I may be a little ignorant regarding the NVC stage. I thought the NVC qualifies all visas before sending to the embassy. I stand corrected! Thank you!
  6. Yes, I am waiting patiently for the May numbers to be released. But even with that information I still cannot be certain what they’re actual progress is. People with May and June 2020 NOA2 dates are scheduling November 2021 interview dates which confuses me because there are also May 2020 NOA2 dates that have interviewed recently. How they are opening up the interview dates are extremely confusing.
  7. Hey friends! I am creating this topic for those of us waiting for interview dates at the Lagos embassy. I do know they are working through backlog right now. Please post your DQ dates so we all can get a gauge on the progress being made!
  8. Hi Gigi! How would you say the embassy is doing with scheduling interviews? I know you may not know but does it look like they’re trying to get through the backlog? I saw the US had a townhall and said they rescheduled almost 500 interviews in Nigeria. I guess I’m just trying to find out how fast they can get through that lol. Me and my fiancé would be right behind that backlog. As our NOA2 is Feb 2021.
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