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  1. Well the situation here has gotten pretty dire, civil unrest etc. So yes I'm okay with leaving here for now and returning for the interview when things settle down. I'll keep you all updated when I do return for the interview. Thanks for all your help Greenbaum!
  2. So the Belize Embassy has received my file, they issued me an Emergency visa so I can go to the US on a repatriation flight with my US citizen son and once this virus dies down I'm supposed to return to Belize for my interview.
  3. I don't know if this information will be useful to any of you but my child is a US citizen and since they are repatriating all US citizens and their non-US family members from Belize , I am being given an Emergency Visa to accompany my child to the US. So if any of you have a child who is a US citizen you may want to look into this as an option. Just reach out to your local US Embassy. Our Embassy wasn't processing visas but since this is an Emergency situation they made an exception.
  4. I'm confused, so NVC will ask me to submit documents for them to review before they book me an interview? I can't just go ahead and book it myself and pay since I already filled out the DS-160 and have a case number?
  5. How long is it taking approximately for them to receive the application and create a case number? Also I read you don't submit a affidavit of support until you're in the US but I see you guys talking as if it's required before the interview is even scheduled?
  6. Hey there do you have a P3 for Belize? @Greenbaum Much appreciated.
  7. Received my NOA 1 on October 29th, waiting sucks. We have a 7 month old baby, really hoping things move along quickly
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