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  1. Just wondering... does the port of entry matter which airport you choose to come to the U.S. ? For example if the address of my residence where I will be staying at once I arrive in the U.S. is in Houston TX, if my flight is to chicago, can they deny my visa Or entry into U.S. because of That??
  2. May I ask where you heard this information? I am in U.S. also wanting to go to Dubai to visit hubby
  3. The only thing I understood from his very vague, general tweet is that he is going to suspend immigration which could mean anything related to immigration or specific categories of visa BUT definitely not letting any further immigrants coming into the U.S. considering he mentioned the virus also, ‘foreign enemy’ . I could be so wrong but that tweet and the news makes it seem millions of things which might be nowhere close!
  4. It’s by the country you will be interviewed at. I know there’s a spreadsheet but I don’t have the link for that. This might help you: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html
  5. Embassies are closed and no interviews are being appointed at this time. Whenever embassies open, the interviews which were canceled will be resceduled first and then you will be in queue. You can look up your estimated wait times depending on the country where you will be interviewed!
  6. Yes ofc, but I would be going near end of May, I’m sure it would open up by then. requirements such as... ?
  7. So for those who know what Eid is for muslims, my husband has already gotten DQ but is awaiting interview which who knows when it will happen due to the embassies closing, and I really really want to spend the holiday with him, will it be okay if I go to Pakistan then and spend it with him even if his interview hasn’t come up yet. And if it is appointed within the month after I’m there visiting, is there any harm in me staying with him?? background: I’m in the U.S. and he lives in Dubai and is going to Pakistan in May to spend the holiday with his family. After we got married, I lived with him in Dubai for about 9 months then came back last Dec and started working, which I’m now laid off due to the virus so I would like to be with him for the holiday if that won’t work against me during his interview ?
  8. My last submission was on Jan 29 and I received my DQ in the evening at around 5 PM today..
  9. Just got DQ!!! last submission was on January 29th. I’m so happy! Finally this hurdle is done with and now onto the wait for embassies to open up and be appointed interview
  10. No DQ’s today?! Or maybe they have but just are not on this forum 😅. USCIS closed until May 3rd or so I heard. Really hope NVC doesn’t follow suit.
  11. Hoping for DQ this week! And also embassies opening up sometime this month!
  12. Congrats! That’s good to hear! I did my second submission on Jan 29th so hoping I get a DQ soon also 🤞🏻
  13. Yes it does take 8-9 weeks but you should hear from them this week and if not max next week if your last submission was Feb 1. Don’t lose hope!
  14. I originally submitted on November 27. Didn’t submit true translation of Nikkah Nama so they asked for it again after rejecting my marriage certificate. Submitted the translation on January 29 and waiting since then....
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