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  1. Hi Mark! Just had my interview Monday last week. I brought the same documents based on your list. I did not redo my medical since it’s not required from us. There are previous discussions from this thread regarding that. I was approved the same day (like 30mins after the interview. My status changed to “new card being produced”. Though the interviewer said it would take 3-4 weeks for me to get a decision from them. I think that’s their generic “response”. They will give you a white paper after the interview about that). I received the notice of approval today. Would probably receive my card within the week since they already shipped it. Good luck on your interview
  2. Got an update regarding my EAD today. My receipt date is Sep 13, 2019. ”Application Type: I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production” Praying for others to receive some good news too! Stay safe everyone.
  3. what is your receipt date?


    1. Jennie Kim

      Jennie Kim

      Sep 13, 2019. How about you?

    2. ank$nik


      its sept 9

  4. Out of many whom experienced this, did significant movements happened to your cases afterwards?
  5. Hi guys. Just an update. My case didn’t move since my fingerprints were taken last October. It was immediately reflected on my AOS and EAD application but not on my AP Application. But today I received a notification that it was only now that they have tag my fingerprints to my AP application. Is this normal? Has anyone here experienced the same thing?
  6. My case is being handled by the National Benefits Center. Out of all the service centers, they are the most backlogged. They are STILL currently working on July 16, 2019 cases. Their processing time for EAD is between 5-7mos. Is there anyone here with the same situation as me? I also filed my AOS last Sept 2019. Still no news regarding my AP/EAD.
  7. Hello thank you for that. I just called USCIS. Apparently my case is being handled by the NBC. Their processing time is between 5-7mos. They are still currently working on July 16, 2019 cases. So frustrating. Which service center handled your case? Did you receive your EAD/AP already?
  8. Hello guys. Im new to this thread. I also filed aos last sep 2019. Just wanna know how you tracked the processing time in the USCIS page? Which service center did you follow? Im getting frustrated with my case. Still no news from them since my RFIE last november.
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