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  1. Yes thank you. that is my understanding as well. unfortunately she has another friend telling her otherwise... Which is why I wanted to have started the K-1 process and not burn 6 months doing nothing until her next visit in June. I am going to Honduras in April. A K-1 could have been in the works by now... and been on the back burner cooking this whole time... But the fried brought in confusion telling her she already had a visa.... So I decided it is not worth it.. trying to communicate about it.. when someone is already in fear about losing their valid b2 visa, understandably... she uses it to come see her mom, brother etc. That leaves us April to try and talk about it in person.. otherwise June we potentially get married here in the U.S. and start the CR-1 process (breaking the bad news to her that she will still have to return to Honduras)....which her friend is confusing her/ and this process for me saying she won't.. that she will only need to go get the other forms done etc.... I know otherwise, but I don't want to see anyone stress over it.. so we will lose time.
  2. Thank you for some information about if a K-1 visa "Application" will cancel my girlfriends current 10 year B-2 visa. From a couple responses I got on the Thread Topic it sounds like it will NOT cancel it by just applying, but it WILL cancel it if it gets approved. SO - All I can conclude so far is since my sweetie already has a visa in good standing, it is better for us to use her current visa as needed and possibly get married this June in America. At which time we can take further steps as needed... following the guides for Spousal permanent residence, etc. I will open another thread for clarity on those steps - if needed, and unsubscribe to this hijacked thread.
  3. Hi. I was filling out the K-1 form last couple days, and was speaking to my girlfriend and needed all of her beneficery information. But the conversation got cut short, when she declared that she "spoke to a friend" and found out her current valid B-2 visa would be canceled upon me filing a K-1. Is this true? It does not even make logical sense to me if it is true. She had a 10 year visa before that, all entries/exits in very good standing.
  4. @Paul & Mary Any recommendations? It is starting to sound like she better not just run and gun and leave her teaching job. Even though she misses me so much.... What I originally wanted was to propose to her in April, and then in June/July when she comes back on her next family visit, we could get married. But that is when the reality of how long both the K-1 and CR-1 visa's seem to take sunk in..... Like you mentioned in one of the posts, there is nothing stopping me from starting the K-1 process now, but that is *if* we have any proof ( we have many photos together ) of our time together in Maryland and NYC. I have been feeling stuck the last day or so.. not sure where to go next.. I think she was bummed to hear that the visa process takes so long and she can't just come back with me permanently in April. That made me feel like.. I don't exactly know what to offer next... Between now and June if I don't start any kind of paper work (k-1 or cr-1) then technically I am not making any dent in the long wait time...
  5. @Paul & Mary I got an update. Her new 10 year B2 Visa Expires in 2029. Her recent entries to the U.S. have been in singular fashion, 1 entry each in 2015, 2016,2017, and then the one I mentioned in 2019. So only the one entry on her new 10 year visa (Dec 13th-Feb 4th). However, she just got home Feb 4th. She is worried the POE will question her about leaving her job (since they might know she is a teacher leaving Honduras after Holy Week, when school would normally be in session). I told her to remain confident! I am so relieved to hear she has so few entries to the U.S!!! This is GREAT NEWS!! If she comes back in April that might be okay? Also I am confused because the Wikipedia page says this about valid uses of B2 Visa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B_visa): But you mentioned she should avoid the topic of a boyfriend. I agree of course if it makes it easier for her.
  6. After she is done with work today, she will send me a picture. I will update at that time.
  7. I hope this is a good place to pose this question. My girlfriend has what i believe to be a B2 Travel Visa. She made use of this visa recently visiting her family in Maryland (December and January of 2019/2020). She is a school teacher and was here during her break. That is when we met. And so she only used 2 months. Is the B2 Travel Visa a use it or lose it, one visit only kind of thing? She wants to know if she can visit a 2nd time on the same Visa, or will she get denied entry? (we would be traveling back together). I am new to all of this, so of course the last thing any of us want is trouble. I was not even an international traveler until now, so I have little knowledge, though will try to ramp up quickly. My understanding is that she should wait 6 months from the last U.S. entry date (Dec 12th'ish) to enter again? Sometime in June 2020. That was her original plan. But she misses me very much and wants to come be with me in April. (my goal from there would be to get going on a marriage visa for her). I do not believe we are going to be able to get around her spending large swaths of time alone in Honduras however. Should we attempt a 2nd flight on her valid B2 Visitor Visa? Thank you.
  8. I had not considered or knew about the CR-1. It sounds like that is the way to go, since if I can get her back here in April (follow up post on this, she wants to return sooner than June) we might just get married. Thereby nullifying the need for the K-1. I am going to Honduras in April, but I think it would be wiser to get married here in the United States. I am asking her if she still has it to save a copy of her boarding pass when she was here in December/January. Plus on top of that I will retain mine when I travel to Honduras in April (so we will both have Passport stamps etc) I am asking her to bring a copy of birth certificate, divorce decree etc. But will follow up with my local jurisdiction on what is required for a foreigner and I to marry. Thank you both for your responses they were extremely helpful.
  9. I spent a wonderful 2 months with my girlfriend from Honduras in Maryland. I am hoping to propose in April during my week long trip to Honduras. How do we prove our time together thus far? Looking back what would you do differently if you are where I am right now? Should I save hotel receipts, take pictures of the two of us together with timestamp camera in front of well known tourist areas? Save airplane tickets? How do they know we got engaged he my proposal is a success? We are both free to marry.. In the research I have done I know there is the K-1 visa route, or the get married and figure it out later route. I am 50, she is 40 Any advice? Regarding step 1. Should I gather all the vital documents for both her and I? Any tips in communicating with each other to jump through all of these hoops? ( I suppose I just take charge and get it done .. but I dunno for sure ) I may be jumping the gun on step 1 if the real first step is of course proposing. I pretty much know she will say yes. Thanks everyone. Step 1. U.S. Petitioner gathers various documents U.S. Petitioner gathers various documents (birth certificate etc) to send with I-129F
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