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  1. We received our expedite approval email, case is in Jakarta now 😁
  2. "Dear Sir or Madam: We are reviewing your request for expedited processing of this immigrant visa petition. We will notify you with the results when the review is complete. Please note that only the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia has the ability to approve or deny expedite requests." i hope this is a good sign 😅 got this email today
  3. I wonder how and where they will publicize this... Does anyone know if it has been done yet?
  4. I've seen quite a few people waiting about 2 weeks for this. We just submitted an expedite request yesterday ourselves. I hope we both get acceptance emails soon!
  5. We have been waiting since our DQ on August 26th. The embassy in Indonesia is only accepting expedites at this time it seems. I'm considering submitting one here this next week. Can anyone tell me if it would be a bad thing to do? Possibly slow down our process if it were to be denied or is something that wouldn't hurt to try?
  6. What was your reason for expedite? I am around the same time frame as you and my wife is worried because she said her embassy is only accepting expedites right now.
  7. Hello, we were DQed on 8/25/2020 Waiting for our next step now. Anyone dealing with Indonesian embassy? I hope everything goes well 🙏
  8. DQ on 8/25/2020 I've read that the average wait time is 60 days until they approve and then another 30 days until the interview is scheduled. Does anyone have any recent experience with this and the time frames? We are going through the embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia
  9. Finally submitted all our paperwork to NVC today, we got this message. I imagine it is just a generic message, can anyone confirm that? NVC cannot review your submitted documents until we have received all of the required documents DS-260, Civil Documents and Financial Documents. Once these documents have been submitted, we will review your case. Please follow your CEAC Home page and https://nvc.state.gov.
  10. We were approved on May 15th, NVC received our file on June 30th. We finally got our email with NVC case number yesterday and paid the fees. I imagine you will be getting a email any day now. A call once a week is enough imo. I actually only called them 3 times during the whole ordeal.
  11. We got NOA2 May 15, NVC received file June 30, no email yet
  12. I called NVC three times now, the first two told me to call back after the 45 days the third is how I got the email address for them to investigate further.
  13. We got our approval on May 15th, I've messaged both USCIS and NVC. USCIS says it was sent, NVC gave me a different email to use for them to look into it further now that it is past 45 days.
  14. So I called NVC because I couldn't get to a human calling USCIS. NVC told me to call back in a few days after the 45 day mark and they can help me then. I got the I-797 form and it states that USCIS sent my form to NVC but I don't see anything on USCIS website saying anything about it being sent, it just says I was approved and case is closed.
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