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  1. Done with Biometrics today- 02/24/20 After biometrics immediately case updated to actively reviewing your case, and estimated time of completion changed from Sep 2020 to July 2020.
  2. Received my biometrics notice in documents tab this morning- Biometrics on 02/25 Files- 02/02/20 NOA- online- 02/02/20 Mail- 02/08/20 Biometrics online- 02/12 Scheduled date- 02/25
  3. It depends on case by case basis. I won't be worried for you, one of my friends has his I 751 pending.
  4. For my green card I was at Missouri Service center
  5. They scheduled my biometrics too, nothing shows up on documents tab. My service center is Kansas. Did you get your NOA1 in mail yet. Bec I havent received it yet.
  6. Hello everyone, Lets start group for all Feb 2020 filers. N 400- 02/02/20- online NOA- 02/02/20 Fingerprint notice- waiting
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