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  1. My attorney said they are still closed. So far they are planning to re open on June 4th. But they still need to reschedule all appointments that were scheduled after March 18. She said a couple of months. We’re getting closer though. Did you recently resend the documents?
  2. Good news! NVC emailed us that they reviewed all documents and we are now waiting for appointment date!
  3. She just said she’s had more problems with those cases in the past. She gave an example that once she uploaded something and it was blurry for them so they asked to resubmit. Not really sure how it works that way.
  4. Honestly im not sure. I remember my attorney once looking up our case and saying she was glad it wasn’t an “electronic case.” We started our whole journey back in 2015 with another attorney, who was never in contact with us. Which kind of threw us off for a few years.
  5. Sucks! My attorney did say they were backed up since they have less people reviewing them. Hopefully this all passes sooner than later.
  6. Sure! Have you heard anything since you last uploaded? Hopefully we get to mail it out by this upcoming week. Im just waiting on the translation.
  7. This is what it looks like. It’s new, i was very confused at first as well! I saw that a couple of other users on this thread have gotten this same one too. Unknown.pdf
  8. Yes it does look like the one you showed me. Thank you! It was helpful to have an idea of what it looks like
  9. Not yet, It’s getting translated right now. Im sending everything through mail, my attorney will be sending it once I receive the translation on Monday.
  10. Hi! NVC is asking for this document called “Desplegado de Denuncias.” Before the situation that is going on with the virus I was able to order it online here. https://consultasmp.mp.gob.gt/antecedentesConsulta/index.html?q= We actually were able to get it emailed to us because they are not letting anyone in at the Ministerio Publico in Guatemala City. I would recommend you reach out to them through their Facebook page. Just look up Ministerio Publico Guatemala and message them. They have an automatic message response but if you keep messaging them they usually reply within an hour. Let them know you need this document and they may help you find a way to get it. They provided us with an email address to request it and we got the document last week.
  11. Oh ok, from the date we sent it, it took a bit over 4 weeks.
  12. Well for some reason our attorney has been asking for all original documents. They are mailing ours through mail. I think you will have to wait until they review and ask for your correct tax return. What sucks is that it basically puts you at the end of the line for review. Thats what our attorney has said.
  13. I believe there is only one MP. Its the one in Guatemal City. When he went they told him they are only open to take “denuncias” but not to give out documents for these type of cases.
  14. Yes but we haven’t been able to get ahold of the document because the MP is closed still.
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