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  1. I want to post a review of our interview that took place Feb 12, but when I try to do it through the embassy reviews, the page tells me I need to register. As far as I know I AM registered, so I will just post this here, since I know there are a few people with upcoming interviews in Guayaquil. Our interview was scheduled for 8:30am on Tues Feb 12. We both arrived in Guayaquil on Sun Feb 10 (I by plane, Johnny by bus). Monday we stopped by the clinic where he had his medical exam done a couple of weeks ago in order to pick up the sealed envelope with his results and his x-ray. We also had to go to the police department to pick up his police record (don´t even get me started as to why this wasn´t done before!!! Let´s just say that the laid-back nature of Ecuadorians translates over to getting their papers ready for their US visa interview... at least for my fiance it does!). We are staying in a hotel called ´hotel velez´a couple of blocks away from the consulate. There are tons of hotels in the area, but this one fit nicely in our budget ($11 a night). Tuesday morning we woke up early, assuming we needed to be in line at the consulate early (not sure why except that i got this impression from reading about other people´s interviews - not necessarily specifically about the consulate in Guayaquil). Johnny´s interview appt was 8:30am, and we probably got in line around 6:30am. There was absolutely no reason to do this. They started checking people in around 7am, but told us we were too early for our interview time and to come back around 8:20. We went down the street to the cafeteria at the Hotel Oro Verde and had some breakfast before going back to the line around 8:10, at which point they let us check in. They took Johnny´s folder with all his required documents and passport, pics, receipt for paying, etc, and then we had to wait until 8:30 to actually go in. They searched my purse and took my gum and my water and threw them away. We went back to a waiting room and waited to be called. The first time we were called to a window was by a younger woman, very nice, who was looking through his papers, and told us we had to leave and fill out his DS-156 on a computer, print it out, and attach one of his passport photos to it. He was never told this previously. She gave us a yellow sheet that would let us back into the consulate Luckily, there´s a cybercafe across from the consulate, where we got that done quickly and came back to the consulate. At this point it´s around 9:30am. We waited to get called up by the woman again (although we were confused about how she would know we were back, but she did), and she took the document we had printed. Then we sat down, waited more, got called up for finger prints, sat down and waited more... By the time the IO called us up I think it was close to noon. He called us up, had us both raise our right hands and swear, and told me he would ask Johnny questions in Spanish and me in English, but that if I didn´t understand anything to let him know. He was very nice. He first asked Johnny to describe how we met. He asked me some specific questions about the circumstances that I was studying in Ecuador, but nothing difficult at all. He asked me a little about my financial documents, but nothing hard. He asked Johnny where he would be living in the USA (Madison WI) and advised him that it would be very cold. ASked us both if we had been previously married or had any children. Asked JOhnny if he had been to the US before. Asked Johnny his profession here in Ecuador. Asked if we had pictures. We pulled out about 15 pictures to show him. Asked me how many times I had been back to visit since the summer we met (2 not including this time). And I believe that´s all the questions he asked. He gave us back a bunch of documents from our I-129 petition and from what I had submitted with the affidavit of support (didn´t keep any of my pay stubs, but I had also submitted tax transcripts from 2004, 2005, 2006, letter from employer, W2 from 2007, and a copy of my taxes I submitted this year.) He then said he was going to approve the visa, and he started explaining where DHL was to go pay to have it delivered. I interrupted him, said I was leaving to go back to the US on Saturday, and would there be any way for us to come back to the consulate to pick up the visa instead of sending it so that we could fly back together. He said that would be no problem, and we are to go back at 3pm today to pick it up (he apologized that we couldn´t pick it up the same day but they have to do some sort of checks overnight in Washington). So that´s in about an hour here - hopefully there are no issues picking it up. I had brought lots more evidence of our relationship with us to the interview, but they never asked to look at anything except the pictures. I had emails, phone logs, plane tickets, passport stamps, etc etc. Better to be overprepared than underprepared though I imagine. Anyway, I hope this proves useful for someone. And I hope that it´s not too long for those who probably don´t need to know these details! Good luck to everyone in the visa process... we´ve been waiting since the beginning of June last year - and I can´t believe we are finally to this point and that everything went smoothly for the most part. You will all be in our shoes soon...