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  1. I have know idea how e everify works as far as its scope. I just know that itll let the employer know if someone is authorized to work or not. so i honestly dont know what to advise her. they are worried tho as to what the dhs /uscis knows now about her, like if they uploaded her fake gc into the system when they ran the everify. Thats also why theyve been dragging to file their application. thank you for your input
  2. I seen that too from the uscis website: for it to be fraud/misrep, all conditions must be met and one of them says, it has to be done to an immig official. which she did not. I just dont know if dhs knows anything about her using of fake gc. She said the lawyers has been advising her she might need a waiver and another one said she can get convicted. who knows.
  3. asking for someone I know. i dont need any negative comments or judgments, i just want facts. if you cant say anything nice, just keep scrolling. My friend married a Thai girl who came here on a work visa that has since expired. Im friends with the girl now too and they are married for 3 years and i can say their marriage is legit. Anyways, she used a fake gc to apply to a job where i work and my company does e verify. Obviously she couldnt proceed with the employment as the HR is asking for another form of id, as they said they couldnt use the one she's using. Long story short , how is this going to affect their application for her Adjustment of Status? Is this misrep or fraud and how is this goig to come up in their case ? If so, is she eligible for a waiver ? I want to hear from someone that has went through the same thing. a lot of people here have used fake ssn and went on and gotten their gc.I did advise them to get a lawyer as this is not a right off the mill adjustment of status.
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