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  1. Hi there, Since this post, I have flown 2 more times into the US from Montreal to Pennsylvania via American Airlines. My employer granted me permission to work via VPN while in the US; my fiance's internet is actually better than my Canadian internet...lol. I always had a return ticket. And although documents were not requested on any of my 3 trips, I had with me copies: of utility bills, rent receipts, letter of employment confirmation, paystubs, and our K1 paperwork.
  2. dlmb

    K1s being rescheduled

    Where do I find the timeline that you have screen shot above? Thanks!!
  3. I used American Airlines direct website to fly into the US
  4. In the US, I was able to self isolate at my fiance's. Coming back into Canada, they are much more strict. Are you flying into the US? or Canada? I used American Airlines as that was the only option at the time, and it only cost me $220 US. My fiance actually lives in Catonsville, MD but flights into/out of BWI were nightmarish long. Under normal circumstances, we would drive cross border to see each other. Since starting the K1 process, and before the covid, I've crossed into the US by land border 4 times. I just carry alot of documentation to prove residency in Canada should customs ask for it.
  5. I read a news article that stated if they can't reach you by phone, they will send the local police to your home to check on you. Don't know how many times you need to miss their call in order for them to do that though.
  6. I'm also really hoping the Montreal embassy opens soon for interviews. USCIS has stated they will reopen their offices on Jun 4th, as long as they feel it's still safe to do so by then. I'm really hoping the Department of State works with that timeline too.
  7. I flew from Ottawa to Pennsylvania on May 1st to visit my fiance and returned May 17. I flew American Airlines and told customs I was visiting my fiance, that I knew I had to self isolate for 14 days and that I had been working from home since Mar 24 (which I have been). On those conditions, he "granted me permission to enter the US" - his words. Upon returning to Ontario last Sun, I've had one call from Public Health of Canada and 3 calls from the Ontario Ministry of Health (2 missed, 1 talked to), to ensure I was adhering to the mandatory 14 day isolation. Btw, I'm in the process of K1.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I work in a hospital therefore can get the test from the occupational health nurse was hoping if I got the skin test it would avoid the additional cost of the chest xray.
  9. Did anyone get a Tuberculosis (TB) skin test to before the medical? And if you did, did you still need to get the chest xray? Much thanks!
  10. Thank you for your review. I found it very helpful. I will also be doing the medical exam in Montreal as I live just outside of Cornwall. When did you initially start your K1 process?
  11. I bank with RBC and have had a US-based account with them for years (went to school in US back in 2012-2015). RBC in the US is a virtual bank, but I can withdraw at PNC Bank when I am stateside. TD CanadaTrust also has the same US banking availability and they do have physical banks in some states. All you need to do is transfer from your Canadian account to your US account. This makes it safer than carrying a lot of cash with you when you move.
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