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  1. Hi everyone. I have a question about question #10: is this specifically asking for the foreign applicant's debts, or the household's debts? The rest of this section specifically asks for information on "you or your household", while this question just says "a list of your liabilities" and doesn't mention the household. I assume this means that the household's debts do not need to be listed, am I correct in this, or am I missing something?
  2. Sure thing, message me your ID and I'll invite you.
  3. I can get you added if you want, but can you read and write Chinese? There's no English in the group, everyone uses Chinese, it's mostly the Chinese Fiance's, not the Americans.
  4. No problem, hope it helps. I flew AirAsia from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur, and I don't reccomend it. It's cheap, but terrible plane, and the bag cost was ridiculous. We didn't pre-buy our baggage online, and they charged us about $500 for 3 bags of normal size and weight at the airport. Crazy.
  5. So, my fiance and I just got into JFK today after spending 16 days in Malaysia. I asked many questions, and hopefully I can clear some things up for everyone. 1. The rule for America is *more than* 14 days out of China, meaning you need to be out of China for *at least* 15 days. 2. K1 Visa absolutely is not exempt from the 2 weeks ban. A fiance is not an immediate relative, and they will not let them in the border. 3. Many airlines are uncertain on the rules set by America, or just don't want to deal with the hassle and will turn your fiance away, not allowing them on the flight, and they will blame the U.S. Thus, the more airlines your ticket is through, the higher the risk is. For minimal risk, book your ticket through a single airline going all the way from your origin to destination so you only have to check in once. 4. If you are travelling in a group, or especially with your American fiance there is a MUCH higher chance of being allowed in. JFK's CBP Warden sepcifically told me that if they have been out for at least 15 days, and are travelling with an American citizen, they will absolutely not be turned away at JFK unless there is some special circumstance. ---------------------- I left China, stayed in Malaysia for 16 days, then booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to JFK, transferring through Dubai via Emirates. Emirates was hesitant to let my fiance check in at Kuala Lumpur, but allowed it after consulting the computer. Once I got to Dubai, we had to go through a special security screening before being allowed to board the flight bound for America. They were much more serious with their questioning of my fiance there, and I am fairly certain that if I wasn't there to firmly and confidently talk with them on her behalf, Emirates would have denied her entry, leaving her stranded in Dubai. I have many other contacts on WeChat reporting similar experiences at virtually every airport around the world before the last flight to America. Once at JFK, we were separated into different lines since I am a citizen. However, I made a point of saying that I am with my fiance, and explaining our situation to the immigration agent. She took me aside to a special room to have the warden ask me question as I had been in China so recently myself. There my fiance was already waiting, as she had been taken there for the same reason. The warden then asked me and my fiance a series of questions about our journey. He was very professional, but I feel he would have been less understanding and willing to help had I not been there again. Once more, I have WeChat contacts who have reported similar situations by themselves, and being denied entry. Hopefully you all can learn from my experience, and be a little more prepared for what to expect.
  6. Sorry, I don't have any info on that, most people in the group haven't gotten to AoS yet. According to the current restrictions, that should be allowed, but if your wife is still in America, I would cancel the trip to China. Better to be safe right now.
  7. Singapore currently has a ban on all Chinese citizens, regardless of when they were in China. Right now it looks like our best choice is an Emirates flight from Malaysia to LAX with a transfer in Dubai, which currently has no restrictions.
  8. So, the official reply I got from U.S. CBP is that K-1 will not be allowed in. However, I am in a WeChat group with about 200 Chinese K-1 cases, and many are reporting that they were allowed in. Personally, we have decided to not take the risk, and are flying to Malaysia for 2 weeks, then we will fly back to America. The hardest part right now is finding a country that will even let my Fiance transit through on our way home. Pretty much all flights from Asia to America currently transfer through Taiwan (Chinese citizens are currently banned completely), South Korea (also completely banned), or Japan (banned if you are from certain provinces, and the list is growing). Afraid that after our two weeks in Malaysia we won't even be able to find a flight to America that she can take.
  9. Yes, she has been issued the Visa. I am a U.S. citizen, she has a K1 Visa in her possession, and we will both be traveling from Guangzhou to the U.S. together.
  10. Does anyone have any idea if entry into the U.S. will be allowed on a K1 Visa? The travel ban states that only U.S. permanent residents or immediate family members will be allowed in, and I know a fiance on K1 is technically not an immediate relative yet. However, I have heard a couple cases on WeChat of Chinese fiances being let in at the airport with their K1 Visa in the last few days. We are living in Guangdong together right now, and want to get the hell out, but we don't want to spend all that money, travel all that way, and then have her be denied at the border and sent back to China. Anyone have any insights to share? It would be greatly appreciated.
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