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  1. Yes, we are in the same boat. Now we have to wait for K1 visa, or star CR1, which doesn´t look like a better way to start all over
  2. Thank you! Hope you get answers from them soon.
  3. I know. It was already received in our country.
  4. Thank you so much. I think that what I needed the most was support from people in the same position. My BF is super patient but I'm not and feel it so unfair. My anxiety took over bad, my emotions have been wreck.
  5. Thank you! I do have the tourist visa, one less problem.
  6. What you mean? He won't move here because he doesn't know the language and couldn't be able to find a job. Also, the process so he could be resident here is also expensive and long as well
  7. We were already approved by USCI, we are just waiting for the final interview. He already have 2 jobs! And WE CAN FLIGHT because his US airports are open and mines too, the thing is his jobs won't give him OFF days.
  8. Thank you. My country is Dominican Republic.
  9. Hi guys, How are you doing while you expect for embassies to open and have your interview? It has affect my relationship so much, I came to the point where I broke up with my american boyfriend and he decided convice me of not doing it but honestly this is the worst. Plus, we haven't been able to visit each other because the financial situation right know is not good to pay for the ticket, we rather save that money for our future plans. Is there any other way we can get married and be together faster than through K-1? We thought about getting married in my country but we would have to start a process all over again and wait at least 1 year to finally be together. This is driving us crazy.
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