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  1. thats amazing. please can you tell me how you contacted uscis? My mom passed in Oct 2019 but i havent reported it. Does this affect my case?
  2. Hello all, I hope someone can assist me. My mother, a US Citizen filed for the F3 category petition for me (the beneficiary) back in September 2007. It got approved in 2008 February and since then i and my children have been waiting for our date to become current. On January 2020, we finally reached our priority date but my mother passed away in September 2019. I am confused because i've seen posts saying that my petition is now revoked while others say i can file for humantarian relief. I have a brother who is a US Citizen who can be my Substitute Sponsor. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? Can i fill the substiute sponsor form and have my petition back on track?
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