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  1. When you apply online do you have to scan all documents or you can just download the file and upload it??
  2. Thank you guys, I was thinking they only accept online applications due to corona virus pandemic 😜 did you use usps signed for or just first class?
  3. Hi , did you apply online or by mail? thank you.
  4. Did you apply online or by mail?? Cause I’m planning to submit my n400 application via mail. Do they only accept online application right now? Thank you
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if USCIS stopped processing petitions due to corona virus situation. Should I file n400 now or wait till may to apply? My papers are ready to be sent 😬 thanks.
  6. Thank you guys! These were really helpful 👍 Goodluck to your application! Godbless
  7. Correct me if Im wrong. So for n400 filing based on marriage to an USC we have to proved that we stayed married for the last 3 years right? Im just wondering if my evidences are enough before filing. Im thinking of sending : Copy of my 10 year GC ( do i need to send copies of my 2 year conditional GC) Tax returns ( 2020,2019,2018) USC’s naturalization certificate Health insurance / dental insurance docs showing I'm covered by her and vice versa Birth cert of child Marriage cert Driver’s lic showing same address Utility Bills bank statements / credit cards House lease ( so we move to the new house 2 years ago- so I need to include the previous lease?? ) to make sure it covers 3 years?? shall I include pictures? Anything else I can add on my packet?? Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Is online filing better/ faster than paper? I will file next week based on 3 years of marriage. If anybody could share their documents checklist that would be awesome!! Thank you!
  9. Thank you guys! I will go ahead renew my PH passport just to safe. 👍
  10. Hi all, I’m on the process of filing N400 based on my marriage to a USC. My question is my passport has already expired . Do i need to renew it before application or I won’t need it on the process of filing ?? Thank you.
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