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  1. I hope and pray this is gonna what could it be, I’m a LPR sponsored child and planning to go to US before my 21st bday on January 1st. It’s an extra pressure for me racing with time and depending on lucks as of this moment.
  2. I have a question regarding the documents for joint sponsor. The documents for the joint sponsor submitted were proof of domicile, recent W2, Recent Federal transcript, affidavit of support 1-864 and proof of US citizenship. However I’ve heard that the letter of employment or pay stub is also needed. But will those documents mentioned above (except for letter of employment) be enough to be Documentarily Qualified , but my case will be current next week and also im asking if I could follow submit the letter of employment (if the letter is really needed before next week) since It’s still about to be reviewed. thanks to whoever may could give an answer. 🙂
  3. I’ve also resubmitted documents Due to incorrect ones last January and can I bypass the nvc processing review through requesting for an expedite? Even tho there’s no certainty if all documents are correct already? Kinda worried of aging out
  4. Thanks for all the information sir, I do much appreciate it. ^^ have a good day !
  5. Oh ok sir, tho I was planning to expedite my case and as far as I know the nvc will just send my case to the Manila US embassy if the request for expedite is granted regardless wether the documents were right or wrong? And if that happens how could I possibly know if I should bring updated correct papers or not, will they notify me before hand the interview? Thank you sir.
  6. Thank you very much sir for the advice and last thing sir, I’m not very confident about the documents if it’s already right, what should be the best option if by any least chance it would happen. Would they make me undergo administrative processing, so that I can give them the right documents?
  7. Oh ok so I can now request The expedite or wait for the result if it’s DQed ? Cause I will tell my petitioner about this so that we can start the process. ^^ and another thing sir, what if there are still wrong documents in my case, could I fix that during the interview in Manila embassy instead?
  8. I still have a little trouble with my sponsor’s federal transcript for 2018 but we sent the updated documents last week so probably March will be the result of their review. But unfortunately my petitioner also sent a document mistakenly. So another 2 months ahead (assuming that was really a mistake) so 4 months add up. And I’m worried cause I’m already 20 and turning 21 next January 2021. My question is, can I file the request for expedite as of this moment or I still have to wait for it to be DQed before filing the request? I don’t have any knowledge about this, hope you can walk me through. Thanks for the reply. ^^
  9. Hello sir, may I ask you how to expedite F2a visa, I’ve read you are petitioning for your step son and I assume it’s under F2a category. I’m also in the same case. Hope you can give me information. Thank you.
  10. I’m very sorry, I’m just new here and I don’t know how this website works. My apologies.
  11. Hello everyone. F2a here, has anyone ever experienced having their 1 tax transcript rejected at the NVC? The tax transcript from 2016 to 2017 were only been accepted except for 2018. Could anyone please help me out.
  12. Hello everyone so we just had a little problem when it comes to I-864. F2a here. My mom has no job cause she’s baby sitting my niece and nephew while my sister and brother-in-law go to work. She filed a petition for me and she is having my brother-in-law as the joint sponsor. My brother-in-law already filled out the I-864 and Does my mom also need to fill out the I-864 even tho she has no job? Please anyone could answer me, we are stuck right now. Thank you in advance.
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