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  1. Sorry for my late response but it all depends-sometimes an inqury will cause the status date to change, sometimes it wont.
  2. Hey everyone I’m looking for some updated information on receiving a Georgia state license for my husband. He will arrive with his I-551, visa-expiry date is in May, no green-card in hand yet. Will that be a hindrance, or will his visa be enough as one of the requirements for his driving license as long as he takes the written/driving exam before the Visa expiration date? We’d like to get the license right away, if possible. We are also aware that we will need his SSN. Also, not sure if it’s of any importance but he will have his unexpired foreign driving license. Thank you for all of the information.
  3. Don’t give up hope. Love will find a way. Many end up with a 221g after their interview and are still approved. Unfortunately, none of us really know what AP entails but yes, probably additional review of documents, security checks/screenings etc. The length of time in AP is also a mystery, it could be days, weeks or months. Also depending upon country of origin you could go through AP for a longer amount of time. Now you and your loved one will have to be patient and wait, it’s a hard thing but will only be a small part of your lives together. Stay strong!
  4. Is it true that CEAC updates with a date change when an inquiry is made? Are those date changes essentially meaningless? Does a date change have more validity when it’s changed on its own without any inquiring? Thanks all!
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