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  1. My sister in law have interview today. Will post soon when she is done.
  2. Good news for my sister in law- she got her interview schudled for november 6th. She applied in october 2019, had interview in april but then got cancled and got new date for it. She did had her name changed.
  3. There is only 3 case got Interview after reopening of office. 2 in july and 1 in september . Its not moving noving lol
  4. This is really sucks in Philly. My sister in law her interview got canceled and never got rescheduled ( she applied in october) i applied in January and also waiting .
  5. yes my mother is done and my sister in law she did in october 2019, her interview was in march and it got cancled and still havent hear anything, i applied in january and still no news on interviews.
  6. Anyone from Philadelphia office got interview schedule yet?
  7. Philadelphia filler here. Just did my biomatric 4 days ago for n-400. case. Ompletion time 7 month. September 2020.
  8. Congratulations buddy. im still in waiting line . Its only been 3 weeks though since i filed online. I got more months to go i belive. chars can you tell me yours step by step so i know howlong it takes for each steps n did u name change or Nything?
  9. my mom applied on 5 year base 9/12/19 submmited application for N-400 10/05/19 biomatric done 2-25-2020 interview schudle. so it does move fast but i think if u have name change or 3 year base then i dont know.
  10. hey chars can you tell me your timeline. i have filled for philadelphia as well but in 1/20/2020.
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